Babylon 5 Used for Soft Disclosure by NASA?

I found an interesting NASA release the other day when I was snooping around the interweb for various soft disclosures and other nuggets of information to write about. I stumbled upon a NASA release in regards to a solar system that was similar to our own and they referenced the show with some of the most disclosure I have found so far ‘Babylon 5’ which I have just written about 15 days earlier 4/18/2017 as of the time of this writing:

(NASA May 2nd, 2017) “NASA’s flying observatory, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA, recently completed a detailed study of a nearby planetary system. The investigations confirmed that this nearby planetary system has an architecture remarkably similar to that of our solar system.

Located 10.5 light-years away in the southern hemisphere of the constellation Eridanus, the star Epsilon Eridani, eps Eri for short, is the closest planetary system around a star similar to the early sun. It is a prime location to research how planets form around stars like our sun, and is also the storied location of the Babylon 5 space station in the science fictional television series of the same name.”

Now I may be reaching here and it could just be a coincidence which, regardless of whether or not it was, is not exactly the most important thing the world to focus on but I just wanted to share this and document it in case, in the off chance someone had thought the article I wrote was something worth bringing more indirect attention to, that could be done by doing this release.

After doing a little searching online for Babylon 5 references I found a couple of them from NASA which I will include below which you may find interesting:

(NASA 8/17/1998) ”  Through a unique technology transfer program, space scientists and engineers have begun sharing their brain power with producers and writers at Babylonian Productions, producers of “Babylon 5” and the new science-fiction television series “Crusade.”

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will provide “Crusade” producers with new visions of technology and will assist them in portraying science and astronomy as accurately as possible, forecasting science and technology issues circa the year 2250.

“We have a very challenging task before us on the production side, visualizing and creating different planets and planetary bodies complete with civilizations, flora and fauna,” said “Crusade” producer John Copeland. The scientists and engineers at JPL will be advising us on how to depict the future.

(NASA 10/27/2008) (It appears NASA had done a similar release like the one that is being done now about the Epsilon Star System featured in B5 in 2008.)

“Because the star is so close and similar to the sun, it is a popular locale in science fiction. It has been featured in novels by Issac Asimov and Frank Herbert, among others. In the popular TV series “Babylon 5” it is the location of the featured space station; as a nod to the show, hidden within the background nebula in this artist concept is a small silhouette that may be familiar to fans of the series. Can you find it?”

Obviously someone wanted the public to become more aware of this show and thanks to a quick Google search we have learned that the folks working at NASA and the JPL worked with the producers of Babylon 5 to create a show that depicts, very closely, a vision of the future that is as real as possible.

I will get to work on watching the spin off show ‘Crusade’, which, sadly only had 1 season and 13 episodes and possibly do a write up of it if it’s worth writing about.

Thank you all for reading and much love!

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