Producer, Director and Writer of Babylon 5 J. Michael Straczynski Tweets Me

After I finished writing the analysis of the massive disclosure download ‘Babylon 5‘ which was written, produced and directed by J. Michael Straczynski‏ I wanted to send him a copy of it so he could possibly verify that what I had interpreted in the show was correct. But the wait time to send him something by snail mail would have taken 3+ months per the website I found. So the other day I said okay what will happen if I tweet him? He probably wouldn’t even read it anyway…

Well much to my surprise I woke up this morning I found that he tweeted back with a response that I found very interesting:

The video he included didn’t make much sense to me. I hadn’t seen the movie he included a clip of so perhaps if I watch it I will be able to get the message he intended to convey. If anyone happens to know what it means please let me know…

I respect his answer and am certainly grateful that he showed me the time of day to get back to me but honestly don’t believe for 1 nanosecond that he didn’t receive some kind of information from someone, particularly from the military-industrial-complex, which we know now works directly with Hollywood to create, reject or edit works that come to be manifested.

In the case of Babylon 5, there are too many details that we are getting from whistle-blowers that correspond to what was written into this amazing show. He said I got 90% wrong and 10% correct. When I requested from him what I got correct he didn’t reply. I have a feeling that he may not be able to confirm or deny anything due to a possible contractual agreement with those who gave him information and that possibly the opposite is true where 90% is correct and 10% is not factual. This is just a supposition though.

As I wrote in my analysis of the spin-off show ‘Crusade‘, which also included some disclosure, he worked directly with NASA to create a show that was as realistic as possible.

I hope it isn’t too egotistical to include that he wrote that I used flawless punctuation in the analysis. 😉 Although if he actually read all of it he would have certainly found something wrong as I am not a perfect writer and the analysis was quite long, leaving room for mistakes.

This is everything I wanted to share. If there are anymore updates regarding this encounter, which is unlikely, I will make another post about it. Light and love everyone!

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  1. Marty says:

    Harlan Ellison was a major creative player on B5.

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