Some More Interesting Gematria Values (Liberation, Jesus, Pyramids & Others)

Just going to be sharing some more of these which people are free to disregard or continuing reading if they feel guided.

Today’s synchronistic bible verse is about being tested:


Interestingly the gematria value of ‘The Test of Faith’ is 162 and we know 410 takes position 162 in Pi:

Additionally, after asking ‘them’ telepathically to give me some other values I got the emotion of ‘The Time is Fast Approaching’, and sure enough it came up as 262 (today’s verse number), 360 (the amount of degrees in a circle) and 104 (the combination of 410):


I didn’t find anything worth including with regards to the gematria value of the previously mentioned bible verse but the verse number itself 26:2 has a couple of interesting phrases attached to it:

‘Messiah Jesus of Nazareth’ (which also has a value of 410):


‘Builder of the Great Pyramid’:


Over the last year or so and up to today there is the appearance of the combination of even numbers in various variations = 246, 624, 824, 864 etc. I still don’t know why they are happening but there are some interesting connections to 410 and Jesus within these numbers.

First when we plug 246 into Pi we see that it expands to 2246:


If we plug in all the even numbers 2468 it takes the same position as the above screenshot:


Then when we enter in the address of the hospital I was born and worked at (5555) it expands even further to 24466:

Image result for truthearth 5555


And if we reverse 246 = (642) and plug that into Pi we get 820 which is the result of 410 + 410:


Interestingly if we plug in 22446688 into Pi we see that this number appears right before 628 (which are also even numbers, perfect numbers and the result of 314 + 314):


246 is the gematria value of several interesting phrases and words:





‘Pleroma’ (Another name for our galaxy):


‘The Divine Understanding’:


‘The Incarnation of Jesus’:


‘Jesus Christ Son of God’:


‘The Logos Structure’:


‘Discovering Yourself’:


‘Golden Proportion Phi’:


The value of ‘We are Going to Have the Time of Our Lives Soon’ is 642, so that’s 246 backwards:


Additionally, the gematria value of ‘When Christ was Born’ is both 1776 (the year the Declaration of Independence was signed) and 1314 (Pi):


The value of today’s date = ‘December Fifteenth’ is 413 (Pi backwards) and 888 (also the gematria value of Jesus in Greek ‘Ιησούς’):


Just a couple extra ones here. The value of ‘It’s Almost Time to Party’ is 314:


The value of ‘Victory is Assured’ is both 227 (22 ÷ 7 = 3.142, Pi) and 205 (half of 410):


And finally when I thought about adding the below music video I was guided to enter in the title ‘Victory of the Light’ into the gematria calculator and if you can believe this, it has a value of 246:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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