New Video Dedicated to the Starseeds!

I stayed up late last night putting this together. I don’t usually do that so I am supposing that it must have been important for someone. And after all that hard work it was blocked immediately due to the song I chose. I am attempting to file a dispute now. During this time the video will be available so I would encourage everyone to watch it while it’s still up! Light and love!

Update! Here is the same video which I uploaded to Vimeo successfully in case TY decides to pull my video again!

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3 Responses to New Video Dedicated to the Starseeds!

  1. Sharon says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos.. Dancing in my living room.. Love the energy.. However, seriously bummed that youtube blocked the “For The Starseeds” video. Hopefully after the event it can go back up. Anyway, I really appreciated it. Us starseed lightworkers need to stick together. Love and light baby!!

  2. truthearth says:

    Glad you liked it LM! <3 Light and love =]

  3. lmamer says:

    Thank you! XO

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