Synchronicity Report (Updated)

I have a few synchronicities I’d like to share with everyone that happened in the last couple of days. I went to get some food yesterday and on my receipt it read 10138, and 138 being the bus route that is assigned to the street I live on:



As I was driving back to my place after I got the food I looked up and noticed the street and its identification number which is 13800:


Interestingly, a little while ago I was searching through my iBooks library for the Dolores Cannon books I was given for a specific topic (crop circles) and when I opened the book I saw that I was on page 138 the last time I read it and the time on my iPad read 10:08 which is a variation of the 108 number which has sacred geometric meanings:


And I would also add that there are 138 members in my Meetup group:


I just went to check on one of my videos on YouTube and noticed it had 138 likes as of the time of this writing:

the event.png

I also just went to see what 138 meant on this numerical website that was suggested to me a while back. The date the number 138 was added is 7/22 which appears to me a lot. 22 divided by 7 equals Pi which is the equation that goes on forever:

the event

After another search of the significance of the number 138 I found the following:

(ShorinjiKemponyc) Seiho is the name given to the healing techniques that Shorinji Kempo teaches, and is similar to Shiatsu in its use of acupressure, the use of thumbs, palms and other parts of the body to apply pressure to vital points on the body.

Shorinji Kempo uses 138 of the 708 vital points on the acupuncture meridians.

If you were interested in that information about crop circles I posted on Facebook I will share the information below. I noticed there were many crop circles popping up lately, or maybe they already have been for a while now and I just wasn’t looking but I remembered some important information about them that Dolores talked about.

They are apparently clusters of information and concepts built into symbols that our subconscious mind understands and will use someday but our conscious mind won’t use at the moment. Here is a short video that explains this in greater detail:

Knowing this, I want to go and see a bunch of crop circles online and get that download!! Thanks for reading everyone and much love!

UPDATED: Someone on Facebook saw my post and added an amazing synchronicity they experienced to the post:



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