Dream About Visiting Disneyland Equipped with Replicators & Dreams with More Benevolent ET Contact

Since the Return to Light meditation on January 20th/21st my dreams have somehow become more…I guess, in touch with ETs and other metaphysical experiences. I experience up to 7-8 dreams sometimes with an average of 3-5 each night and some of these are very strange. It would be too time consuming to document all of them and write them here but I am doing my best to pick out the more interesting ones to share for those who feel guided to read them. Here are a couple of cool ones that were really trippy!

January 22nd, 2019 02:30 AM

My family and I visited a Disneyland theme park where everyone was given a replicator to enjoy the park with. Anything you wanted could be manifested. As long as it was safe I think. This includes food and any other thing someone could think of.

We spent hours there just doing whatever we wanted. I made some hot cheeto things because the ones we bought at the store had an ingredient I don’t like in it.

We manifested rides and everything. I remember talking to someone there, a young woman, where I explained that there was an energy field around the park which stopped the use of the replicator once you crossed it, so it could only be used there and how absurd it was that people didn’t just have these at their homes.

These replicators were portable, so wherever you went you could manifest what you wanted. I think they were cylinder-shaped and blue-colored.

I think I remember manifesting flying and different water park rides which were really crazy. And lots of food and I think the food was healthy, even though it was ‘junk food’.

I also remember the grand cycle of time AKA The Great Year (25920 Years) being personally connected to the rides and the replicator, among other important numbers. It was exciting!

It was so fun. This went on for a long time and then I woke up.

January 24th, 2019 04:17 AM

Played games with dark-skinned woman from other planet. She was very cool, we all played in the mall. She was very down-to-Earth and we played some kind of truth-or-dare game I think with other people there. She was fun but wise and tough if she needed to be and very beautiful of course.

Then there was a confrontation between Pleiadian military men which didn’t result in any violence luckily. One of them was some kind of military-looking guy that always seemed ready for some trouble.

Then I remember going to visit my Dad in the Andromeda galaxy, which, in the dream, was quite small, which I made a joke about.

When I was looking at him he had a third-eye open (it was the same size as his other eyes) in the middle of his forehead and told us what life is like there. It was like from a Rick and Morty episode (TV Show). The music on their radio was interesting. Like club music. But my Dad was so wise and I had no idea he was so awake.

We drove or flew around the galaxy and saw the beautiful nebula and stars go past us. It was divine!

My mom was there too. My Dad was living in a house that was partially outside in the front. It’s hard to explain but it wasn’t a normal floor plan like we have here. The walls were tall and we could see out into the galaxy and there was regular-looking furniture for us to sit in.

There was a guy on the radio that said we want to request a song to just tell him or not tell him or do some other thing and he would know. But it was kind of in a joking way.

This was my biological Dad we were visiting.

So those are the few interesting once so far. I will finish this post off with this beautiful classical piece by Brahms I heard on the radio today:

Much love all!

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