Prophetic Cobra Dream Comes True, Solid Gold Synchronicity Comes True, Betty White Dream, Three-Part Battle Dream, Many Synchronicities & More

For those who are interested there are some things I would share here with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment. Apologies about the length of this post with not everything being in chronological order.

One of the first things was a pretty amazing synchronicity featuring the magic 410. Some might recall that songs will occasionally pop into my head which contain lyrics that have a message I need or perhaps for someone reading this or some other reason. In this case I got the song ‘Solid Gold’ by PNAU which was included at the end of an article written on January 30th:

Then, a few days later, on February 2nd, an artist featured a solid gold cube in Central Park in New York for one day only which weighed 410 lbs and was worth $11.7 million dollars. Those two numbers will be important.

(Art Net)

“…Niclas Castello’s The Castello Cube, made entirely from 24-carat, 999.9 gold and weighing 410 pounds, was installed in Central Park, New York for one day only, Wednesday, February 2, 2022.”

Just for fun I decided to see what the meaning of the number 117 was on the Angels Numbers website and discovered that the time the post was published was 4:10 PM:

I couldn’t find any articles about this anywhere before February 2nd so this was a truly prophetic synchronicity and even on a date with all 2s, 2/2/22.

Speaking of the magic 410 I had a dream about the late Betty White which was about having dinner with her and some other people. Something else happened but I didn’t recall it:

so,etching is meant to be the word ‘something’

Since the dreams and synchronicities continuously lead to the number 410 or April 10th date I dug into this and found that the first tweet Betty ever made was on April 10th:

(Huff Post)

“…On April 10th, the beloved actress and comedienne Betty White thrilled the Twitterverse by joining Twitter as @BettyMWhite…”

Her Twitter account has since been deleted but thanks to we can see what it looked like when it was live:

Before starting to write this article the Higher Ups used my eyes to spell out ‘Garfield 410’ on the laptop keyboard. After doing some digging I found out that in a list of commercials he was featured in the first one in the list was American Express which was on April 10th:

The other night I had a cluster of dreams which I wrote down all at once the morning of February 12th (02:26 AM) because the sleep medication made me quite drowsy and not really capable of concentrating enough to write them down as they happened (sometimes I would write them down one at a time over the course of a night):

The first dream was like I was being born and had the perspective of a baby looking out of a woman’s vagina. It was a vertical slit opening and everything else was black. I saw activity outside of the opening which I don’t recall much about.

Then there was something about Cobra and this dream happened in the morning before the Ascension Plan update, so the dream was prophetic in that way:

The next dream was about an X-Class solar flare but my finger typed ‘a’ instead (drowsiness) and interestingly just 42 minutes before finishing writing down the dreams at 01:44 AM AZ time (08:44 UTC) an M-Class solar flare erupted:

It’s possible the dream happened before the solar flare took place but I was just too sleepy from the medication to wake up and write it down.

And as for the last dream it seemed that it was communicating that I might be coming to some money which has happened so that dream also came true.

This morning, February 13th, around 1 AM the Higher Ups used my eyes to point to an app on the iPad which resembled a target and I believe they were trying to communicate that I was being targeted. I remember feeling quite off and I couldn’t sleep well:

Something very cool happened yesterday when my neighbor invited me to go to Walmart with them and another friend in a Lyft. We were talking about how we met and I told them about my spiritual guidance and the driver asked if I was a lightworker and my heart sprang with joy to hear this word! It is not everyday when one hears this word in such situations. They said they were a lightworker too and eventually told a story about a spirit dog they thought they saw and someone mentioned the word ‘wolf’ (spirit animal) so I knew this was where I was supposed to be.

The beautiful colors of light in my room have come back over the past week amazingly after not coming through since the last time they did months ago. I don’t know what causes this, perhaps someone’s car window or something, who knows. But it is still beautiful, although the photo doesn’t do it justice:

Recently, February 10th, the Higher Ups have been communicating more frequently through songs in my head and one of them was a song from a video I made a while back titled ‘The Future 432Hz’. Perhaps this was prophetic in that it happened before the newest Ascension Plan update:

On February 9th I had two dreams about a different timeline in each the other day which was interesting.

In one I was in a room with some fresh moderate stack of $100 bills on the ground and when I picked up one of the stacks and went to show it to my relatives it turned into monopoly money:

The other was about being on another timeline with my relatives and their house was different but personalities were similar. I’m not sure what these mean quite yet:

The next few dreams were all connected somehow. These dreams will sometimes intertwine in ways that are just brilliant. There is something really powerful and intricate being tapped into here. In one of the dreams I was remembering a dream which happened earlier in the night. The following dream was an insane battle which ultimately ended in victory. Ashtar made an appearance at the end:

February 8th, 2022 07:08 AM (I added things to this article as details came back to me so I finished writing it at 07:08 but the first screenshot says 06:47 because I only needed one of those and another of the bottom part of the screen as that’s what I updated)

Dream about being in some place with people and suddenly being asked by someone to come with them somewhere. I was led to some area without reason I believe and it was a trap. It was like The Hunger Games.

People near me started shooting arrows at me. I grabbed some to fight back. They were explosive like from Hunger Games. But they missed.

Then I remember walking around it was just chaos, people killing other people. It was mostly young people my age I think. I knew people there.

I remember the dream about being stabbed. I don’t remember if I wrote that down, but in that dream I had earlier I got stabbed with an average knife in the right side, almost all the way in. I felt it like it was real. It was mostly vertical [in the screenshot I wrote horizontal but mixed this up with vertical].

I remember in that dream eventually taking it out and there was blood coming out. I don’t remember many details of that dream. But that dream seemed prophetic.

In this recent [current] dream I remember being in another room where there were knives of various sizes out on a table and people were sitting on the ground like waiting for something to start. Like a meal or something. I realized it was a trap.

So I grabbed the biggest knife I could and announced to everyone there that it was a trap, but didn’t know who was friend or foe.

I remember throwing the large, almost machete-looking knife at the wall and it stuck there, but didn’t hit anyone. Then people started killing each other there. Someone got their head cut off but was still alive somehow.

I remember after a lot of bloodshed that we won. We were in the room outside of that room and just relaxing because we had just won.

I know people there too but don’t recall who they are now. It was insane. Don’t remember much else. I don’t know where we were, the time or why we were fighting.

There was more but I don’t remember now. I was worried that the first dream of getting stabbed was going to come true, but it didn’t. I didn’t get stabbed ultimately.

I think in the first dream I was going to get married or something, don’t really remember.

I saw something in one dream and then maybe the other, like maybe something about Ashtar I think. It was like a hidden person or creature behind a corner. Don’t remember which dream this was in.

And then in a third dream which was connected to the above two dreams, I was in a classroom setting and one of my classmates said “so last night was crazy or wild” or something similar. And I knew she was talking about this epic dream and the only way she could have known is if it was real.

I apologize if this all sounds confusing but it sounds like this epic battle is going to be possibly real (although maybe it represents the trials of living in The Matrix) because I’ve had dreams where I saw previous prophetic dreams come true and they did. So this 3-part dream seemed to indicate that perhaps some kind of battle, either personal and/or elsewhere, was going to happen. I’m just speculating though, this could be incorrect.

Since it happened before the Ascension Plan update was published on Cobra’s blog it could be prophetically pointing to the extended time needed until The Event and the Ascension as the dream was quite long. Of course I wouldn’t want this to be true because it has been quite a long time already. This is just speculation.

In another example of how the Higher Ups will warn me about things before they happen, the other day I was in my room and wanted to go to store to get my medication but felt a dread in my body which historically has meant, DO NOT/DON’T GO. Sometimes I listen to this and sometimes I don’t and I realized why they did this when I went down the stairs into the lobby.

There was a gentleman sitting in there and said something to me about the place and after answering his questions he starting speaking negatively about people who are born transgender. It was a bit difficult to get a word in and finally I was able to explain that this was a distraction (red herring) being used so people don’t look into topics like why people who visited Epstein’s island are still free and walking around (maybe not all who visited are guilty, but some definitely are). I was a bit surprised at him because he shared that he was an historian and I would perhaps assume that an historian might know that the Cabal has used every kind of minority/group over the years to divide and conquer the people to distract them from realizing how badly they were being screwed over.

I told him about the Black Nobility because I just do that whenever the opportunity arises and they just need to be exposed. The conversation was mostly pleasant after that and I did felt that it needed to be said to that transgender people are born the way they are and, again, are being used to distract, divide and conquer which is one of the Cabal’s oldest tricks in the book. LGBTQ+ as a whole are not the enemy. The Cabal is just that good at manipulation. Are there LGBTQ+ people that are part of the the Cabal network? Yes, but not all of course.

So this is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

PS Just earlier before writing this article there was a situation which was causing some anxiety and stress about someone who lives here and after things calmed down I got the song ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ but just the part about ‘tidings of comfort and joy’. I think this meant to just be comfortable and in joy.

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