And the Former Things Will Not Be Remembered or Come to Mind

So I was thinking about this information that we were getting from the Blue Avians via Corey Goode about us not remembering the past and having it be like it never happened. I know David Wilcock has been talking about this too and he has had some trouble with it. For some reason I have the ability to make connections and I made a big one last night while I was reading a borrowed copy of Dolores Cannon’s ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers’. Thanks TheEventChronicle!

First I want to reiterate what the Blue Avians relayed to Corey about this phenomenon which was also being equated to The Mandela Effect:

“I was also shown visualizations of the merging of temporal realities known to many as the “Mandela Effect.” In this merging of realities, many major historical incidents that would have already happened to us have been “edited” out of our reality.

I was shown a vision of what looked like a wall of crystal rods that were slowly turning. As these crystals turned, a prism effect occurred in which I saw events instantly change. Moreover, the people in that new reality would have no memory of the previous one.

David pointed out that this was neatly mirrored in Isaiah 65:17, which reads, “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

This quote also suggests that once we reach “social memory,” our consciousness will change so dramatically that it will be almost impossible to imagine what it will be like.”

Cobra had also talked about this too but I am having troubling finding the article where he talked about it. It was the same wording though.

Now on to the big connection here. I would like to bring in the late Dolores Cannon’s work which I always love doing because her vast amount of information fits into this scene very nicely, with a few discrepancies here and there however. Although I would note that she never liked to look into the work of others so her’s wouldn’t be tainted.

I’d like to just give a quick background about Dolores now before I get more into this session she did. She was a great hypnotherapist that developed her own technique to ultimately heal the person of any physical ailment by going to various past lives and bringing out information to teach the client what kind of current or past emotional issues or trauma were causing them trouble in this lifetime. The client would also have a list of questions to ask the Subconscious while under hypnosis and depending on whether or not they were supposed to get that information the SC would give them the answers.

The SC had access to all information and all knowledge and would help the person heal themselves and on many occasions achieved instantaneous healing, regardless of the person’s issue(s). Now while the clients were under hypnosis ‘They’, as she would call ‘Them’, would give her concepts and ideas to put into her books, of which she wrote 19. She did this for over 40 years and all of her clients would say the same thing whenever they would go under hypnosis, no matter where they were from or who they were.

So now I’d like to share the information that I found in her book ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers’ in regards to this grand forgetting or reset that we will experience when we go through this change. Dolores was approached by a woman who was an nurse and wanted some information about a possible abduction the happened to her.

It turns out she was/is part of a group of ETs who oversaw how things are going on Earth and she had some interesting things to say about what will be happening on this planet as we go through these changes. The beginning of this information starts in the black box around the text and continues onto the next page which is displayed below:


Dolores is ‘D’ and Evelyn is ‘E’ and she is Speaking as Herself but as an ET


Evelyn Continues her Discussion on Coming Events, or Lack of Events I Should Say

I’d like to point out that this book was written in 2011 and that was before we got this information from Cobra and Corey. Not to mention the fact that Dolores didn’t look into anyone else’s work, although she was probably aware of this bible verse that talks about this happening, it is still very interesting and fits nicely in with everyone else’s piece of the puzzle.

But the most important thing that is to be conveyed here is that we are doing this with our mass consciousness. We are creating this new world together with every moment of NOW. It is important to create responsibly as everything in the Universe is connected and what I have been reading from just this book by Dolores is that our negative thoughts and emotions go out into the Universe and pollute other worlds, some of them very far away from us. Some of these ETs have been spending a lot of time cleaning up after us and we don’t even realize they have more important things to be doing.

So I would ask that everyone keep that in mind and I would also encourage everyone to raise their vibrations as high as possible at all times to ensure, as Corey put it, that we “navigate to our optimal temporal reality.”

Thank you everyone, much love and victory of the light!

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  4. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  5. Thank you, Jonathan, it’s a beautiful pondering and a reminder for me, that we’re the changers and the changed at the same time. We’re inside the reality of our present now and as soon as we begin to be the observer of that, we change that reality from within, so that we witness a melt down of the old and a dawning of the new world, becoming visible to our eyes gradually.

    There are moments now that I find myself totally without any worry in the world, fully in trust and held, detached from the present drama in a good way. With an awareness that that drama is a fleeting reality, a drop in the ocean of my existence. Maybe I”m expanding into new space?

    I believe that each of us has a unique way of looking at this shapeshifting reality and the presence of the Mandela effect. One person may be a bit further ahead and another person may be a bit laid back, choosing a different priority or focus.

    I feel we’re now, with “we” I mean planet Earth with all living beings plus all life in the layer of atmosphere around the planet, are potentially ready to merge with higher levels of existence (frequencies) or rather, exposed to the choice to shift back and forth, enjoying an appetizer.

    That white and golden world seems to be present already, like a blueprint, like something present just around the corner. There’s a sense of anticipation. I’ve had a dream in the 80’s where I walked towards 2 heavy stone doors, at the age of 13, an architecture style of ancient Egypt.

    I knew I was going to open them, but a little doubt entered my mind about the heaviness of these doors. They were massive and about one foot thick! As soon as I placed my hands against them, they moved outwards with ease, as if on well oiled hinges.

    A golden world, a cloud of magnificent sparkly gold was visible in front of me. Alive. I felt that I was standing in an opening of a huge structure, with a great depth vertically beneath my feet. It was than that the dream ended. But I knew that I would enter that cloud one day. Jumping or leaping?

  6. meakler says:

    Thank you! My first name is June. I also saw Jesus and Mary, along with the Mother Father God behind Jesus and Mary. I cried in happiness! Then, the Arch Angel Michael came flying in and stood next to me. He has been protecting me in this lifetime. It is coming, this beautiful future with pure, unconditional love for all!!!!

  7. truthearth says:

    Meakler that was very beautiful! And a great addition to this small pool of information that I feel is very important!

  8. meakler says:

    Earlier in 2016, I had a powerful vision. The earth was ascending. As the planet went up, the earth became beautiful! The Garden of Eden was restored upon the entire earth. The brilliant white and gold lights were magnificent. As we rose up into the 6th dimension, with the possibility of going up into the 7th, our memories of the awful history of earth were erased. All that we remembered were the good things that had happened and the great people throughout history. We also forgot about the people who did not want to ascend with us. But, they would remember us. As the vision began to end, and I was descending back to where we are now, I could no longer see the brilliant white or golden light. But I have not forgotten anything that I experienced in this vision because that is our future!

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