A Call to Make Preparations for The Event

As we inch closer to the final breakthrough I would like to put out a call for everyone reading this to position themselves as well as possible for The Event to occur and to be ready to be of service when the time comes, whenever that is.

I have a tab on my home page titled The Event where I include many documents you can study, print and share with those around you. I have created and given several of those documents to those in my MeetUp group to study and to prepare for when things start happening. Knowing your stuff and what is happening will be key!

The plan is still the same:

  • Get together at least 2 weeks worth of food, water, meds and supplies
  • Get money out of the bank and into something tangible (toilet paper, silver etc.)
  • Study intel and information on Cobra’s and other’s blogs
  • Realize everything is happening according to divine timing
  • You will be exactly where you are supposed to be when The Event happens
  • Get contact list ready; e-mail, phone, walkie-talkie etc
  • Mentally prepare to be calm and loving in the event of possible chaos
  • Don’t panic and make irrational decisions
  • Remember there are billions of ships monitoring the whole situation here
  • Without Cabal’s negative mind-control technology people will be more responsive to this information

Here is a summary of what we will expect to be happening (not exactly all in order)

  • Temporary Bank Closures (2 Weeks Max)
  • Disclosure Playing on Television and Emergency Broadcast System
  • Mass Arrests of the Cabal (Televised)
  • Liberation of Planet Earth from Dark Forces
  • Release of Suppressed Technologies
  • New Financial System Put in Place
  • First Contact
  • Ascension for Some Beings

One of the most important things is to stay informed by following blogs like this one, Cobra’s and many others (check out blogroll on the bottom right hand side of this blog) for accurate and genuine information. There is a lot of deception in the alternative media, sadly. Acquiring and honing in on your discernment skills would be a good idea at this time. Learn to feel what information is right or accurate.

Everything I could possibly want to convey about The Event is included in the tab I have on the home page so I would just defer everyone to that for the best information and links to other blogs and websites. But basically the information you need to know is included here.

Another thing I’d like to share is that everything is going to be okay, I believe the longer wait we have endured is ultimately going to be a good thing as everything will have been worked out and will be in place at the right time so everything goes smoothly. Plus we may not even remember anything after the solar flash happens anyway so why worry so much?

Thank you all for reading and victory of the light! (hopefully soon!)

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