The Divide Between 3D and 4/5D is Becoming More Unavoidable

I am noticing that I am becoming more incapable of tolerating or being around things of the old world. I am receiving innumerable synchronicities telling me to quit my job and begin a spiritually-based career. Don’t the higher beings understand we are still slaves here? How can I make money doing something spiritual-related? It is happening over and over. That will be for another post though.

Part of being a participant in this Ascension process is not only creating a new and better world, but also personally transforming into a being that will be compatible with the world that is emerging. Old patterns and beliefs are falling away, sometimes easily, many times uneasily and down right ugly. So it is in my case.

I am finding it incredibly difficult to submerge myself in the daily tasks of 3rd Density. I do not want to insult anyone as I continue the next portion of this post but I am just documenting my feelings and experiences so far. I’m not sure if they will survive the solar flash/The Event but I still feel like getting them out might help others with their growth and expansion process.

The following things are becoming more and more intolerable and unimportant for me lately:

  • Watching people post the same memes over and over
  • Watching others throw things away that should be recycled
  • Listening to others talk about eating meat and dairy products
  • Listening to people complain about their lives but do nothing to change it
  • Watching others decline opportunities to grow spiritually
  • Listening to mainstream music (some of it is good but most of it is just noise)
  • Reading stories about terrorist attacks
  • Wondering why people still argue with each other
  • Wondering why I am still working at a job that no longer serves me (this feels like a  fear-based reaction, the Universe is telling me to jump into the unknown)
  • Wondering why people ignore the homeless or those reaching out for help
  • People being okay with being walked all over
  • Wondering why others don’t make use of the Law of Manifestation to improve their lives

There are many other things but these are the ones that have been highlighted and have had the most significant effect on me. I am thinking part of it comes down to personal responsibility and also the lifetimes of brainwashing and mind-control. Again I am not intending to insult anyone, even though telling someone the truth is not supposed to be insulting, but I am just pointing out my observations of others, which is something I’ve done since I was a kid.

There is no doubt this world is messed up, but it is getting better. People are nicer and I was able to talk about the Illuminati and the Dr. Phil PizzaGate episode for several hours with my co-workers yesterday which was very nice. They actually wanted to know more! I have certain ways of making this information more interesting to them. The ones that ignore me have to listen so the information is penetrating their consciousness.

I just wanted to get this out for documentation’s sake. Perhaps one day someone from the future will read this and that it might be used as a historical reference of this amazing time we are in right now. Do you have some interesting thoughts or feelings about your own process? I highly recommend starting your own blog, even if no one reads it, although I would! =] It’s free and there are several websites where you can get one.

Anyways this is all I wanted to share for now. Thank you all for reading and may the energies of the new reality be kind to you, although they probably won’t be…Lol. Much love!

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7 Responses to The Divide Between 3D and 4/5D is Becoming More Unavoidable

  1. I had a good laugh about your comment, ending with more confusion than when you started, aruan. I’ve read about symptoms of ascension in sync with the February Spring equinox astrological configuration, explaining that relationships will begin to shift and change and that those who are close to us can become strangers and that strangers can become like people who are close to us.

    The discernment of being in resonance with someone, as far as I experience it, becomes more clear and what this may cause, also it’s my experience, is irritation when no resonance is felt at all. I believe we’re tried and nudged to wean off judgments and comparences with others, being smarter or dumber.

    While I feel myself move from surrender to resistence in two different attitudes, through moments of my days, seeing the underlying issues and imprints, I believe that our knowing ourselves is in such a shifting mode that we hardly can expect to know or understand others around us. Let alone tolerate them lol

    In general I promise myself to be lighthearted and laugh a lot about myself, keeping a lot of salt near my fixations. Taking myself serious and to be serious about taking myself serious is what causes the devil to grin and swish his tail in pleasure.

    My approach to manifestation of abundance is, that I don’t see any outside force having a say in it, unless I allow it to be present. I’m trying to be watchful in all the steps towards it, I mean the process of manifestation and without anxiety and walking around in mindfulness with my mind alone, which is disastrous to a beneficial outcome, as I perceive it, I observe myself when I notice that I allow negative thoughts and judgments to distract me from the path I’m taking my steps on.

    And I always include my body language and my emotions, when I’m upset and distracted by something, to show me the way, to return on that path. I suppose short delays in choosing byways aren’t too bad, every now and than. As long as we keep focussing on our true path.

    It’s my experience, that asking myself “What’s the matter” shows me the answer almost at the heels of the question, nowadays. Dwelling on archonic forces that might distract us is opening a channel of communication with them, for they’re very sensitive to the payment of our attention. It’s their daily bread, if you know what I mean.

  2. Farmer Brian says:

    You’re welcome!

  3. Marvyl Beecher says:

    My sentiments exactly, what more can be said. I do have a job where I mentor Foster children, however the system is so broken it sometimes feels futile. I know this though that after mentoring and teaching for 14 years the process of bringing those who have experienced trauma, heartbreak, unresolved anger etc, which is the majority of humans on this planet, is a long process to say the least! Me, I pray for Divine Intervention, without this the world cannot heal?? After 35 years of observing the 3D, I feel I come from a point of both knowledge and experience in my understanding, not just ranting

  4. truthearth says:

    I wondered the same at one is possible for them to arrange synchronicites and deceive us? I’ve found this is possible, especially for those who are doing the most damage to the Cabal. Acquiring discernment skills is so important right now.

    Hang in there, we are almost there, I know, words that have used to death, but look how far we’ve come! Yeah the divergence between the old world and new world are becoming more and more concrete. It’s wild! Thank you for posting Aruan I appreciate it a lot!

  5. aruan says:

    I actually suspect some of the seeming sychronities are arranged by the nonphysical archons. I would be wary to follow those. It’s obvious you want to quit work (which is fine), but maybe we should focus more on manifesting abundance. I say that, but then I suspect our manifestations are obstructed as well, by the same nonphysical archons. I am ending this comment with more confusion than I had at the begining. By the way, I notice that I am getting more irritated by people, and likewise, people get more irritated by my ideas as well. It is very odd. I can’t believe how we managed to live together for so long.

  6. truthearth says:

    Brian your comment was just what I needed to hear. Dolores is the best and it’s true that everyone is on their own path and we all plan everything out before we get here. I agree that as long as everything is flowing towards the better, which it definitely is, then we are good. I appreciate you and your wisdom!

  7. Farmer Brian says:

    It’s funny- when I read through this post, I juxtaposed it to my own situation and how I ended up blogging just si I could express this energy. As far as dealing with other people, I recall something from Dolores Cannon’s qhht sessions, that is that beings incarnate here for a multitude of reasons and we have to respect those reasons. What makes that easier for me to digest is that as long as the overall picture is moving in the right direction, I can let those things slide; besides, those are just manifestations the energies existing during this moment of Now. It too will change. Good to see that you can identify these things.
    Be well.

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