Orgone Device Sale at My Online Etsy Store!

I am having a sale again in my Etsy store. This time I have a couple of charging plates that I am putting up for much less than you will find anywhere else for the same materials. I am offering free shipping on everything and a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t dig it within three days just let me know and I will refund you 100%.

The charging plates are 99$ each and I have lowered the price of the 24k gold tower-buster to 100$ from 300$. There is a pyramid up for 66$, no it is not an evil pyramid with negative intentions, it just needs a new home and that’s the discounted price from its original listed price.

I am selling these because A) they are taking up room and I will be pouring more in the near future and B) I am raising some money for car parts. Cars get old and as we all know everything has an expiration date so it’s time to do some dirty work on the car!

I will share the items for sale here if anyone feels guided to check them out! Thank you and much love!






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