Live Stream Video Temporarily Available

I have filed disputes for the six 9 copyright claims against the video. During the time of the dispute the video will be available. For how long I am unsure so if you feel interested in watching it again feel free to do so but with haste lol. I worked very hard on this presentation and to see it be censored is a real bummer. is still not working for me even now. I e-mailed the folks there to see if there was anything they could do or see if it was hacked in any way. I suspected a DDoS attack which is just a bunch of visits being made to a website to overload it and crash it. I thought it could be this because of the amount of views the twitch channel was getting. It was to like 7000+ before it crashed which I thought was strange because the audience I was advertising this to was much less than that.

In any case the stream went on YouTube and some people got to see it so it wasn’t a total waste. I am wishing light and love to each of you!

I wasn’t able to get this in with everyone watching but if you feel guided to support me I will leave my paypal link below:

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