The Collective Dark Night of the Soul is Coming

I am being guided to share some ‘messages’ and insight into what we are seeing in the news right now in regards to the horrific pedophilia and other crimes against humanity being exposed.

As Corey Goode mentioned recently in one of his presentations, full disclosure will be a traumatic event for humanity. When I personally stumbled upon the Podesta e-mails for the first time I was at work and had to excuse myself so I could process what I had just read. I felt like throwing up, which never happens. I work in a hospital…I have seen some of the worst aspects of humanity you can imagine…just horrible situations and experiences… but THIS…this was a whole new level of darkness…

I am writing this because I am being guided to by ‘other forces’ to help us brace ourselves for more of what is to come with this Hollywood crumbling taking place. It is all connected…Hollywood and Washington D.C. And little pisses off people more than children being raped and killed. It is going to get everyone’s attention…

In addition to working in a hospital, which is basically a Nazi slaughterhouse for humans, I have, for some reason, experienced these horrific dreams about sexual abuse and ritualistic Illuminati killings. It is possible that I was being prepared to see and experience things that would eventually be exposed later on…as in what is happening now. It is possible that I lived through these experiences in real life but successfully blocked them until recently.

I hope you will stick around to read some of these things as they are probably very close to what we will be seeing and have already seen. These are entries from my dream journal:

  • (February 3rd, 2017) (Illuminati Ritual Abuse/Elite Torture of People)

So I just had two very disturbing dreams. I remember being in this very wealthy neighborhood and being at a round table of people outside in the front yard. It was about 7-8 people and they were discussing calling the police based on some PizzaGate stuff that was going on. They talked about it for a minute and one of them said there’s no way we can call the police now because they all participated.

One girl with dirty blond hair in a bun said well I guess that’s true. Just regular looking people talking about sacrificing someone and how to cover it up. The next thing I know I am on a table outside with them and my insides are being pulled out of me. They were pulling out my intestines and examining them. One lady held this braided thing from my abdominal area which was totally surgically cut open and exposed and explained what it did.

I was alive and conscious for the entire thing. I felt this horrific sensation in my stomach as many of my intestines were now external. I think I died after that.

  • (Date Unknown) (Illuminati Ritual Sacrifice)

This dream was very disturbing. I remember being in this big room, it was dim and there was a person in the middle who was about to be sacrificed by people who were wearing robes. I don’t remember the color. I remember seeing around 3-4 people stabbing the person in their chest area repeatedly. There was blood everywhere around them. I was watching from a short distance. It was very horrific and I wanted to forget I ever saw it.

  • (Date Unknown) (Disneyland Sexual Assault on Children)

I also didn’t document this one because of the nature of what I witnessed. I don’t recall all of the details as I didn’t want to remember them but I do remember observing a gathering of men at Disneyland after the park closed, it was the evening. I believe they were wearing suits, dark colored business suits.

There was a row of children between the ages of what appeared to be 6-11 or 12 years of age. I was about to witness these men rape these children. I woke up before I could see anything further, or perhaps I did but blocked it out. I don’t remember any other details besides what was written here.

  • January 4th, 2017 (Rural Town/Ritual Abuse)

Had horrific dream where I was walking around this beautiful rural town. I was hanging out with this nice lady and her friend. The lady was chopping and trimming her bushes and garden. I then realized what was going to happen. I had seen this before. I looked away before she could do it, the ‘nice’ lady wasn’t happy with her friend and slit her throat with the bush trimmer.

I ran away as quickly as I could. I ran into the town and hid. I turned on the T.V. and there were pedophile versions of the cartoons I loved. I remember trying to turn off the T.V. before I left and I saw the screen change to an inverted pentagram with a slice of pizza on it and some other Luciferian symbology. I knew people were coming for me.

I knew I would be raped and addicted to drugs. I remember punching a woman in her stomach so I could run away. I then realized I was in a small town and had no where to go if I escaped. But I kept trying to find different hiding spots. Some of this I have seen before. I was quite frightened when I woke up, I thought that world would carry on into this one.

  • (September 5th, 2016)  (Sexual Abuse, Reptilians)

Had a dream where I was kidnapped as an adolescent and kept at a nice upper-middle class suburban house. The house was a single story and in a cul-de-sac. You wouldn’t guess this stuff was happening based on the appearance of the neighborhood. I first figured out I was passed around for sex when I read a note on the counter saying I had enjoyed it and that the favor was returned to me.

I felt sick and wanted to run away. My room was basically one of the men’s rooms with some stuff already inside it; a mattress and some clothes in the closet. I was thinking how could I not remember the sexual assaults? I thought I must have blocked them out. I just escaped my body when they were happening.

I didn’t want to be there. I also recall a reptilian presence there, and pictured a reptilian man who was also interested in passing me around, this frightened me greatly. I didn’t actually see him, but the same picture of him came into my mind repeatedly.  I then made a decision to escape, or die trying. I put on a leather jacket that I found in my room closet and tried to gather what I had, I left my room and heard a man’s voice. Asking me about the mattress.

Damnit, it was one of them. I said what do you mean, he replied how comfortable is it for you? I didn’t reply and thought about how I wouldn’t be able to leave because I would be followed and brought back and severely punished. Then I woke up. I never saw what these men look like.

  • (August 19th, 2016) (Escaping Abusive Orphanage)

I was a little girl that was trapped in this orphanage. It was in a very populated area. But no one knew the horrors that took place here. There was rape, torture and mind control. It was a prison, in every way imaginable. It was a real life horror movie. The halls were devoid of any paintings or anything positive. The staff were sadistic and enjoyed what they did and knew exactly what they were doing.

I remember a friend got locked up there just to see me and help me. I told them it was so silly of them because now they would suffer what I went through. It didn’t matter to them. I remember there being a woman, our main ‘caregiver’. She never smiled and always looked like she was ready to explode. I remember being punished for almost nothing at all. There were other girls there my age. We were mostly around ten or so.

The girls were very protective of each other. One day we were all in a room together and I knew one of my friends that got in to see me was being abused severely in another room. I thought I had a chance to escape. Someone had written down the combination to a small lock  that locked certain documents that showed the policies and medical records of some of the girls and myself. I could use it to get the place shut down.

Someone wrote this combination on the wall in the area where I would make my move. Our caregiver was in the room when I saw a glass of cold water, I had had enough at this point and had nothing to lose, so I grabbed it and poured it on her head and she froze, I immediately became hyper-vigilant of everything and tried to memorize the lock number written down on the wall. It was disguised with other numbers but someone in my head told me what numbers to remember.

I did and then took the stuff and ran like mad. The first place I ran to was a department store behind a counter. I asked the woman there to call the police because I have been missing and a woman would come looking for me. The cashier ignored me and so I picked up the phone and called the police and the man on the other end said is this Jonathan and I said yes and he didn’t take me seriously (yes I know that part sounds weird but it’s a dream). So then I hung up and noticed the caregiver was looking for me, very casually.

I knew she would punish me severely if she found me, I had to succeed. Failure wasn’t an option. Then after I got off the phone I realized omg is this a dream, am I back in the orphanage? Then I came to by the cashier, I must have fallen asleep, I don’t think I had slept for days. And the moment of safety I felt probably put me to sleep. So realizing I wasn’t in the hell hole I ran outside to these two elderly women with white blond hair and two kids and asked them to call the police because I had been missing for a week and I have proof of where I was.

I attempted to unlock the lock and after trying several times, time slowed down and everything went into slow motion when I finally got the right number. I pulled the locked apart and opened the case I had containing several books on our files and proof of their torture. The women were shocked and I knew I had succeeded. My friends and I would finally be freed. No more pain, no more torture, no more crying or misery. It was over. The book liked like they were from the ’60s or ’70s.

They were grey/yellowish and had about 50-100 pages each. The name of the institution was on there, but I don’t remember the name. I shuddered when I saw the name. But knew that after today, history would be changed and these criminals would be charged and they wouldn’t be able to do anything to anyone ever again. The lock combination in the disguised numbers was 2, 3 and 6.2.

I realized a long time ago that my dreams are not normal. I do not know for sure if they are my own blocked memories, or perhaps I am taking the role of someone so they don’t have to experience the horror of what is about to happen to them. In any case, these dreams were as real to me as I am typing this out right now. The fear was real and the horror was more than real.

Thanks to many brave whistle-blowers and survivors, we are now realizing that the things I’ve listed above and everything we thought couldn’t be true, actually is and real children and people are living through it, even as we speak.

I am learning now why I was guided to create the following video. It is about The Dark Night of the Soul, which we will all be going through soon. Brace yourselves and maintain calm, unconditional love and forgiveness as best as you can…Much love!

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