New Video: Memorial Video for Isis Astara 432Hz

I have been guided to create a memorial video for Isis Astara who has now transitioned from the physical plane and hopefully with the help of the surface population she has made it safely to where she is supposed to be on the higher planes.

I have found through experience just because someone has passed away and the knowing of their soul/essence/their true self goes on forever, this doesn’t completely lessen the impact of the loss. I would encourage everyone to send much love to Cobra and Astara and their loved ones at this time if they feel so guided. Much love everyone.


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  1. BerryHappytobehere says:

    Thank you Jonathan, this is very lovely and beautiful!
    Jonathan do you know was this a planned departure or was an attack?
    Isis, I send you my love and light, safe travels my goddess! Thank you for all that you do!

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