Some Q Synchronicities

This will be a short post and won’t have any personal or Jesus-related information. For those who are not yet familiar with the subject, Q is someone(s) who began releasing intel regarding operations to liberate Earth on the forum site 4Chan and has since been posting on 8Chan.

For those who are guided you can see all of Q’s posts easily and in real time at the following link:

If you want to go to the boards where Q appears to be posting you can go this link:

Now I noticed a few Q-related synchronicities while out about one day. All of these were captured within about 20 minutes on the same street with the exception of the last photo. The first was a vehicle that was a ‘Q’5 class:


On the bus ride back I was able to get a couple of good shots of a giant ‘Q’ painted on a wall:



And just a minute further down from this ‘Q’ sign is another sign which reads ‘Breakthrough’. Although the sign is advertising a service it is interesting that it comes pretty close to the Q on the wall:


The last thing will be a ‘Q’ sign manifesting itself on the public buses. There are spaces where people in wheelchairs can get on and be strapped in so that they don’t shift around too much. The name that appears on these buckles is ‘Q Straint’. As far as I know this name been the same for years if not decades. I’ve enhanced the photo so it can be seen better:


So for those who were looking for a possible ‘wink’ from the Universe in regards to Q, this might be it. Much love everyone!

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