Synchronistic Events Leading to the Number 410, More Jesus Synchronicities & More

So this time I have no dreams to report but there were some interesting synchronicities which led to the number 410 appearing which are entertaining (at least to me). This is one the many examples of how something that appears to be ‘negative’ turns into something positive (because that is the only way the synchronicity could be experienced/manifested).

Okay so here is the story. It has been cold here so I have a little standing heater I use on me wherever I am in the RV. This works perfectly at night and I sleep up in the higher bunk part of the RV and place the heater towards the end of the bed. Sadly sometimes I accidentally kick the heater and it falls down 4-5 feet and makes a hard landing. This has killed one heater and just the other day it seemed to have killed another as the fan stopped working while it was on (just before going to bed). Not good in the winter!

So the next day I tried to take the car to get this new heater and obstacle number 2 decided to manifest, the car wouldn’t start. It appeared to be a battery problem but that’s in the trunk and the trunk won’t open (my fault). So I had to dust the cobwebs off of my ‘car push-starting’ skills from being a teenager and was able to get to town. I didn’t know if the car was going to start again or not when I got there so I parked in the Walmart parking lot that was mostly empty on the side of the store and did so in a way that the car could be push-started again.

So then here is the synchronicity which only would have happened if the heater broke and the car had to be push-started. After I got out of the car and started walking towards the store I noticed some shipping containers which had the number 410 on two of them!



It’s not clear whether or not these things happen as a result of ‘divine intervention’ or a negative attack being turned into a positive event. Either way it always results in a positive outcome in the end.

While trying to figure out which kind of vegan recipe to make for Xmas I decided on a chili/stew/goulash and found a recipe online with 410 in the URL:

And I’ve recently discovered that the nearest town to us, Prescott, is located at an elevation level of 5,410 feet, so here we see 410 appearing yet again:


The final synchronicity which will be included here appears to be a couple of Jesus-related ones which manifested on a receipt from our little general store just today. A quick note, while at the store I tried picking out a couple of extra things and I kept getting the emotion of ‘NO’. ‘They’ wanted me to pick out very specific things that were going to give me a specific total which would have a specific synchronicity attached to it, which I believe is exactly what happened as you will see. ‘They’ also pushed me energetically to get everything checked out quickly so the synchronicity from the checkout time could manifest as well.


The sale number at the top is number 28 and if we plug this into Pi we see it takes position 33 which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived:


And I kept getting dead-ends from trying to figure out the possible meaning of the checkout cost 679 and I think I finally got a hit when I multiplied those digits together:


And after searching for what this number 378 might mean I found it is the gematria value of one of the ways to spell ‘Moshiach‘ (משיחך) which means ‘Anointed’ AKA ‘Christ’ in Hebrew:


The checkout time on the receipt was 10:29 and if we plug this number into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 2005 and if multiply 2005 times 2 we see 4010 so here we see 410 again:



Today’s daily bible verse seems to go along with these Jesus-related synchronicities:


While burying some orgonite around a couple of death towers (cell phone towers) in town I noticed that when I had parked near the last tower I looked down at the trip odometer and saw it was almost all 5s:


This Xmas I made a relative an orgonite pyramid with a little hammer and crescent wrenches at the top since they are very handy with tools:

If we plug today’s date into Pi we see it takes position 963, a very sacred combination of numbers:


369 is very well-connected the sacred 410. Dividing 410 by 369 equals 1.11111 which goes on forever; the Infinite ‘One’:


And finally, the ambient music channel I am subscribed to uploaded a song just a little while ago while writing this article and the title, ‘Faith’, goes along perfectly with these other Jesus-related synchronicities:

This is everything for now, much love all.

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