Synchronistic Visit to Town, More Jesus Synchronicities & More

So yesterday was another day of intense guidance and trust exercises by the Higher Ups. At least that is what appears to be happening. They are having me do more and more daring things which I would never do.

First I would like to include a receipt that I got from the general store we have here from yesterday. I was just guided to buy a bag of carrots and celery which came out to $3.62 and interestingly this report will be the 362nd one which makes up The Jesus Synchronicities:


So I was strongly guided to go to town yesterday and after loading up my recyclables I starting making my way there.

There was a woman who had set up a little table with some various things in this large open space where semi-trucks can stop for the night. I drove past her and was strongly guided to go back to where she was. So I turned the car around, not having any idea what was going to happen.

When I parked next to her set-up we greeted one another and I looked at the things she had available for sale there and the table featured several rocks that she decorated with positive affirmations like ‘Love’, ‘Kindness’ and so on. This included a rock which had ‘Faith’ on it and I knew right away this was a confirmation that this was a positive outcome to taking a leap of faith and trusting the guidance of the Higher Ups:


She was kind enough to let me take one of the rocks for free and I felt like taking the one which had ‘Faith’ on it since it I am learning to live on faith. So after talking to her for a while it was time to go and I started heading towards town again.

The first thing I was guided to do was to return a book to the library and then I was guided to drive down a road until I got the emotion of ‘STOP’. I turned looked around trying to figure out why they wanted me here and I noticed the address of a building had 410 on it. This picture was taken while I was in the car through the passenger window:


And when I turned around to leave I noticed a truck with a license plate that featured the number 3444 on it and some might recall this number appearing in a dream some time ago:


December 21st 2018 02:40 AM

Dream where I was dead and unleashed a huge weather storm by unlocking a code left by my father. It was on a receipt = 3444 and the time and date was 11/11 at 11:11. Then we tried manifesting things there. I asked a girl there if her abilities to do magic carried over after death and she said yes. There was a storm that we all took shelter for. I knew I was the Son of God.

In Strong’s Concordance the word assigned to the number 3444 is ‘Yeshuah‘ which is a name Jesus is known by which translates to ‘Salvation’.

After this they had me go down the same road some more until I was guided to park in the parking lot of the Highway Patrol office which made me nervous. Although there were no vehicles there, probably due to it being President’s Day. I was guided to get a picture of their logo along with the address number:


Very disturbingly, the seven-pointed star they use for their logo is one used by Alister Crowley and is known as the Seal of Babylon, as I’ve found after researching it.

Obviously it’s important to note that symbols like this aren’t inherently evil but were co-opted and used for negative purposes.

The address of the building, 500, was also telling as the word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance is ‘antichristos‘ which, as many might be able to guess, means ‘Antichrist’. There are a lot of Satanic symbols in Prescott which are strikingly obvious if one does their research into symbolism.

So after getting those photos I was guided to continue to drive down this road which led to a dead end and this stirred up some irritation in me because I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing there. This road led to a couple of houses in a small cul-de-sac, I suppose it could be called, and I was guided to go up this trail which seemed to belong to the owner of a house which was located a little bit up farther.

So after getting upset and confused I left and started driving the opposite direction and they kept giving me the energy to go back and it kept getting stronger. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get away from this. The energy would just keep coming until I did what they wanted me to do.

So I drove back and parked and when I looked at my phone after parking the time was 4:10. So it appears this little drama was included in the timing of this experience.

So I walked up this trail which did seem to belong to a private homeowner and they had me stand in front of this set of bushes and guided me to cross through them and go into their front yard. Oh dear… I thought they were totally crazy! But they wouldn’t be having me do it for no reason or if I would be in danger. They can move mountains if they want so I believed they would protect me if anything would happen.

They wanted me to snap a photo of their house number on their meter:


The only thing I could find with this number, which manifested in previous reports, was that the gematria value of ‘The Son of God’ is 560:


So after getting that photo I was guided to cross the bushes and start heading back. Although they had me stop and admire the large beautiful tree there. This was what the trail looked like which led to the house:


So after all of this I was guided to go back towards the car and continue on this journey. After heading down the same road for a while I was guided to park in front of the Prescott Center for the Arts and get a photo of the following flier which was promoting a French play titled ‘God of Carnage’:


The play is about a couple of kids whose parents start behaving childishly and this descends into chaos. Personally, it sounded like something I wouldn’t see:

So after getting that photo I was guided to leave and then drop off my recyclables. Then I was guided to go to the grocery store and just start walking around. Eventually I went to the bathroom and noticed there was a man in the stall. After leaving I was guided to go back in there. Okay…

The man was washing his hands and I got the emotion/pull directing towards him and I think they wanted me to talk to him. So I asked him about his eye which seemed to have been punched out and he talked about an encounter with some kids that were vaping. I had a bit of a hard time understanding him so I didn’t get the full picture. But I wished him well and hoped his eye healed quickly.

Then I was guided to the area where there are vegan cheeses and so on and I was guided to get a photo of the information on the price tag of one of the products on the shelf. The number 410 appears here:


After that there was a woman who made a comment about the price of these fermented pickles and then I noticed the strong energetic pull towards her and I guessed that I needed to talk to her.

So we were talking for a while and we hit on several topics including the Cabal and so on and I gave her some information about The Event which she seemed somewhat open to. We talked for probably more than an hour and found she was very ‘awake’. I told her about the Black Nobility and other things. And finally we went our separate ways.

Although amazingly, the woman I talked to at the health store in a previous report walked by while the other woman and I were talking! Quite a synchronicity! I told the woman I was talking to that God/Source or the Higher Ups guided me to talk to her so I think our meeting definitely wasn’t an accident.

After that I got a few things and checked out. There is a little bit of possible information on the receipt:


If we multiply the digits of the transaction number together we get 864 and the significance of this number has been written about previously:


The Sun’s diameter is approximately 864,000 miles:

Image result for 864000 miles sun

One Earth rotation lasts 86,400 seconds in addition to many other instances of this sacred number appearing.

After that I was guided to go home.

This particular post number is 32443:


If we multiply these digits together we get 288:


And we know if we plug 288 into Pi we see it takes position 33 and this is amount of years Jesus allegedly lived:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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