Loud Boom Heard Throughout Entire County in Arizona, Huge Alpha & Omega Synchronicity, 410 Appearing, MK-Ultra Dream and Time Healing/Editing Dream

So there will be some really wild synchronicities in this article which have manifested recently. I am being strongly guided to write this one out even though there won’t be a lot of things included this time.

The front-and-center synchronicity seems to have been prophetic as I was guided to set my alarm for 5:32 AM for this morning as of the day of this writing. The Higher Ups would not let me go to sleep until I set that alarm. I was guided to take a screenshot of it after it went off this morning:


And interestingly, almost a couple of hours later after 7 AM there was a huge audible boom which manifested and tapered off for several seconds. It was like the Earth was a sub-woofer and a really big bass hit had played. I was guided to report it to the police department and they said to call the Sheriff’s office which I also did. They said that this boom had been felt throughout the entire county and some people said they saw an object in the sky which has been suggested to be a meteor. Personally I didn’t see anything but definitely heard and felt it:

I kept wondering why the Higher Ups had wanted an alarm set for 5:32 specifically. One of the few things I’ve found was that the gematria value of ‘Alpha’ (Αλφα) in Greek is 532:


Alpha can mean a few different things depending on where you are researching but I’ve found that this word can mean ‘beginning’ and for some it can be a name assigned to God/Source. Interestingly the gematria value of the Hebrew title ‘The Holy Lord God’ (הקדוש האלהים יהוה) is 532:


Perhaps this alarm time was set specifically with the above information encoded so that this loud boom could be interpreted as a sign from the Alpha/God/Source.

The next synchronicity was when I started to look through a sci-fi book I borrowed from the library recently. I was just looking for anything sci-fi that seemed interesting and walked down to one row of books and the one I picked out didn’t have any books in front of it so its cover was visible. Well amazingly after several days of not cracking it open I finally did so and discovered that the book has 410 pages:


The ISBN numbers contain contain the magic 410 as well:


And, if you can believe this, the book written before ‘Odyssey’ (the title of the above one I checked out) is titled ‘Omega’. 410 even appears in the amount of ratings for the Omega book as of the time of this writing:

omega odyssy

So it appears that the alarm clock time/gematria values (Alpha) preceding the loud boom this morning and the discovering of the book titled ‘Omega’ being published before the one I checked out is a manifestation/synchronicity of the bible verse regarding Jesus being the Alpha and Omega:

(Bible Gateway) Revelation 1:8

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

The book just happens to be due back on 3/3 so here we see the number 33 manifesting again in connection to these Jesus synchronicities and we know he allegedly lived for 33 years:


There are a couple of dreams which manifested which I would like to share below. The first dream seemed to be an MK-Ultra dream featuring my younger brother sadly:

February 15th, 2020 06:11 AM

Had dream where I was walking through a mall and eventually I believe my youngest brother was with me.

There was a part of the mall which was located in the very back which was apparently used as a mind-control facility. When we approached this area I noticed that a young man in front of me had his head completely and perfectly shaved with an identifying tattoo on the back of his head, it was a letter and number I believe.

I started to panic and wanted to turn back. But as soon as we passed a certain point my brother seemed to get activated and became blank with a flat look on his face. I think there was some technology in the walls which did this.

The other boys there looked exactly the same; all with shaved heads and totally blank expressions, marching very calmly through this area. I was getting so upset and tried to get my brother to snap out of it but it didn’t work, the mind-control was too powerful and complete.

I knew they utilized trauma-based mind-control there. All the boys there looked like they were 12-13 years old and all I saw was them and no other adults. I remember the motto of the facility was something like, “We take broken people and fix them.” Still very upset about this now.

The next one was interesting and involved witnessing a couple of tragic events being intentionally modified to change the outcome to a positive one. This will be yet another dream where I’ve experienced some kind of a situation where time and space was being edited either at my discretion and desire or just being a witness to it.

February 16th, 2020 04:12 AM

Time healing dream. Had dream involving Dolores Cannon. I saw what I think was a couple of scenes where a tragic event played out, one where a car hit a pedestrian and another involving something else.

I was then shown the same event a second time with a resolution to the tragedy where it was avoided, so it appears that time or somehow reality was being edited or both to ensure a more positive outcome to former tragic events.

Dolores Cannon’s stories/knowledge were part of this I believe, as her Presence was very strong in this dream.

In one scene, instead of hitting a pedestrian, the driver-less car, I was in the backseat, the car slowed down and what seemed to be a nice British couple approached it and left a note while looking inside of it, and for some reason they didn’t see me.

In another scene the reconciliation involved a nice Lesbian woman with a lot of make-up on. She reminded me of a hardcore Latina gangster, she was incredibly kind though.

This is everything I’m being guided to include here, much love all!


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