More Synchronicities from Another Visit to Town, Jesus Synchronicities, Second Coming Dream & More

So I was guided to another marathon spiritual guidance day yesterday which was just as difficult, if not more so, than the day before. Once again I would request that those who feel guided to read this will forgive the length and also use discernment. I am going to do my best to accurately recall all of the things that took place yesterday.

I knew I was going to have to go back to town yesterday as I was guided to Big O Tires the day before to get an oil change except I didn’t figure that out until later.

So after getting gas when first arriving to town I was guided to go take the car to get the oil changed and this is exactly what needed to happen because it went so smoothly and I got a 50% discount which was unexpected but great of course:


While they were doing the oil change I was guided to take a walk to Goodwill which was only a couple minutes away. I was definitely not prepared for what they were going to have me do there.

After walking in I was guided to walk towards the area where everything that is not clothing is located and continue to check everything out casually. Then I was guided to walk over to the area where the wall art is located and was energetically put right in front of the following picture which reads ‘Jesus Loves Me This I Know’:


And after that ‘they’ guided me to the following picture of several butterflies:


Then I was guided to go to the book area which was right next to the wall art and I noticed a book titled ‘Life of Pi’ so here I saw Pi appearing which manifests often in these works. It appeared right next to the Good News Bible:

When I opened the Good News Bible to see if there was anything of interest to be documented I just happened to turn to a page regarding the Second Coming. Of course some people might not believe that but again I have no vested interest in religious information, these are just the synchronicities that I am being guided to and that are manifesting:


In the same section I noticed a book which read ‘Jesus’ on the spine which was protruding outwards as if to be noticed:


After getting the above photos I was guided to just sit on the couch while I was listening to music on my phone with my headphones in. I kept getting the energy of ‘WRONG/NO’ and realized they wanted me to stop listening to music to conserve the phone’s battery life. Apparently it was going to be a long day, which it was.

So after figuring that out I was guided to the area where they have miscellaneous items and was guided to take a photo of a napkin holder which had the city name ‘Jerusalem’ on it:


Then I was guided towards the back of the store where the mattresses and kids toys were located. I was guided to take a photo of a little butterfly on one of the toys:


After that I was guided to go where the towels were which was right across from this area that I was in. They energetically directed me to stand in front of some towels there and strongly guided me towards them. I asked them if they wanted me to buy a towel and they gave me ‘NO’ and so I asked if they wanted me to buy more than one and I got ‘YES’. So I kept counting up from 1 and I was shocked when they gave me a strong ‘YES’ to getting 7 towels! I thought this was crazy but I only have and use 3 so I guess it was something I needed but didn’t really think about.

After grabbing 7 towels from the rack I was guided to the front and to get a cart. I was a bit intimidated by this because I thought the towels were all they were going to have me buy. But there wasn’t anything to wipe the cart with so I opted not to use one which the higher ups said was fine.

At one point I was guided to go over to the kids clothing section where there were toys sitting on top of the racks and I was guided to take a photo of the following toy alarm clock whose hands were pointed at eleven o’ clock. I saw this as a synchronicity regarding being at the Eleventh Hour or the last possible moment before big changes happen:


‘They’ guided me to the men’s t-shirt rack and had me start looking through the shirts and the ones they were having me pick out to photograph AND buy were not ones I would normally wear at all. Several featured an Eagle on them or the name ‘Eagle’ and others had to do with war, including one which said ‘Victory’ on it, in addition to another which had ‘Journey’ on it:

All of this seemed to indicate victory in this epic war of all wars which has also been a journey. The Eagle, in many forms, has been manifesting synchronistically since the intel blog FM144 mentioned them as being the animal which represents the Cosmic Central Race as they appear to have sort of beak.

So after getting these shirts I was guided not to check out but to energetically move towards this elderly woman who was moving her way towards the checkout stand. This was very confusing as I didn’t know what I needed to do. But while we were standing in line, and they wanted me to stand right behind her, I noticed what she was going to buy and it was a beautiful little angel figurine. I complimented her on it and thought it was perhaps a synchronicity regarding being guided by the higher ups/guarding angels.

After that I checked out and left, although while I was looking at the shirts I got a phone call and voice message which was from Big O Tires to let me know the car was ready. The call happened to occur at 13:33 and their phone number ends in 1111:


So I walked back to the auto shop and checked out there. Then it was time for the next phase. So after that I wanted to grab some food for this woman who was holding a sign on the corner. Burger King was the closest and quickest thing so I went to the drive-thru and ordered a few things. She was very grateful and there were some synchronicities on the receipt:


The checkout time was 2:05 and we know 205 is half of 410. Then the total came out to 12.52 and this number has appeared before and the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘bor‘ which means ‘cleanness, pureness’. This appears to be another synchronicity related to the Wave of Love which will cleanse and purify all negativity on this planet.

After that I was guided to go Walmart. Except this was no ordinary visit. The guidance of the Higher Ups is much more vague and challenging now. As soon as I walked through the front door I was guided to go to the Subway that was right there. This was confusing since I wouldn’t eat there and I had no idea what I was supposed to buy. But they kept pushing me in there energetically and so I said okay what do I get? But that’s not always how it works, I have to ask yes or no questions over and over to get the right guidance and answer, which, as one could imagine, can be frustrating and downright infuriating.

So after standing around trying to figure out what I am doing there I get in line and order a sandwich. I was guided just to get the sandwich. Although I don’t think I got the right one because I got the emotion of ‘WRONG’ at one point and then their internet temporarily went out at the register. Well I’m certainly not going to start asking out loud to an invisible force in front of everyone what kind of sandwich I should have ordered!

So I got this sandwich and finally left. I had a cart with me as this was what they guided me to grab.

After that I was guided to various parts of the store, ultimately doing a complete circle. I was eventually guided to an area where they had key-chains and one of them had LOVE on them which I was guided to photograph:


Then I was guided to grab some more shipping supplies for my orgonite store and then proceeded to the area where the laundry soap and all of that was located. I was guided to stand in this one spot and they kept giving me energy which was pointing downwards. The laundry soap that is sold there is very toxic so I wasn’t going to be buying any of it but after grabbing a bottle I noticed 410 backwards appeared on one of them in the UPC code:


So then I was guided to walk around some more until I got the bread area and was guided to just stand there and look down for some reason why I didn’t figure out. Then I went over to the cake section and was guided to take a photo of the 33 on one of the identification stickers there:


Then I was guided to head over to the checkout area, but they had me stop just before getting there and just stand there. I looked over to my right not knowing what I was doing there and noticed some hand warmer things and was guided to pick that up. I also grabbed a water since I was sure this Subway sandwich might be for someone else.

So after a couple of people asking if I was in line, as I was just standing there doing nothing, I was finally guided to check out. This was a very difficult trip to Walmart. And it was about to get even more difficult.

I ended up checking out at stand number 44:


Then I was guided to stop and go back to Subway. This really tested my patience as I was getting to the point of being over it once again. So this time I asked if I should get soup and then a gift card and I got ‘YES’. So after stuffing my anger about all of this down I left Walmart finally.

And when I got in the car and was guided to drive the opposite direction that I was expecting, I came around and noticed a man holding a sign and realized everything I bought from Subway was for him, including the hand warmers.

So after all of that craziness I was guided to back to Walgreens as I thought my prescription for Vitamin D was ready, except when I got there I learned that it wasn’t and that there would be a wait for it. So then as I was going through the store to leave I got the emotion of ‘STOP’, which they have been doing a lot of lately, and I knew I was going to have to go through some more difficult guidance which I really wasn’t in the mood for.

So they had me go over to the light bulb section and check out these bulbs for several minutes. I have a few lights in this RV which have burned out and thought I was getting them to replace those. So while sitting there not knowing exactly what I am supposed to do a man comes over and is continuing his phone conversation which was a bit funny. He seemed to have a great sense of humor and relaxed perspective on things.

Then I was guided to pick out a couple of packages of these bulbs and then I took them up to the counter to checkout. But just as I was about to checkout they had me go back to the same aisle where the bulbs where. This was really getting on my nerves and they just kept having me checkout these light bulb packages and after several rounds of yes or no questions they had me pick out 4 packages of these things with 4 bulbs in each package. I was really questioning this guidance again and really wasn’t handling this well psychologically. This was day two of extremely difficult guidance and pushing my boundaries and I began to have a panic/anxiety attack.

The most cruel part of this situation was that people could see it happening as I was trying to walk away from that aisle and I tried to go to the bathroom and let it out but a man walked in there as I was approaching it. This made it so much worse. So I tried to stuff it down and finally check out. Then I let it out in the car. I was beyond angry at this point.

And I had taken my laundry to town with me and knew I would be doing it but didn’t know at what time. It was already 4 PM and knew it would take at least an hour or more to do it and I was really not liking this whole marathon of difficult guidance.

There was an interesting possible synchronicity on the Walgreen’s receipt, however. The subtotal was 13.96 and my point balance was 400:


The gematria value of the word ‘pisteuó’ (πιστευσας) which means ‘Believe, Entrust’ is 1396:


Additionally, the number assigned to this word in Strong’s is 4100, so here we see 410 appearing again. So all of this appeared to be another exercise in trusting the higher ups, even though their guidance is nuts sometimes.

And my point balance was 400 and and was written in the previous report the gematria value of one of the ways of spelling Jesus’ name in Hebrew (ישעך) is 400:


So I was finally guided to go do laundry, and I only had about an hour and fifteen minutes before the place closed and was sure I wasn’t going to make it. While the clothes were washing and drying I was walking around listening to music trying to forget this epic panic attack when I was guided to look at a religious newsletter. There appeared to be only one of them and when I flipped to the first page I saw the number 410 as part of the PO Box in an address:


And amazingly (I suppose), my clothes finished drying literally 1-2 minutes before they closed. This was another example of things being barely finished in time which is a theme that has been manifesting strongly over the past several weeks and months including in dreams.

After this I was ready to go home but then I was guided to go back towards town and go to the YMCA and get an all-day pass and go swimming and then shower (hadn’t showered in 2 days since I have no hot water in the RV so I take cold showers, although by 5-6 PM the water is too cold to shower with). This day was very taxing and I had spent almost every dollar I had on these things they wanted me to buy. Another insane leap of faith.

When I finally got home I was guided not to write this article and I was very thankful because I was so exhausted and drained in every possible way. Although I knew writing this would be difficult the next day because there were so many things to remember and potentially research (receipts and so on).

I would also note that the number 166 has been manifesting a lot lately and I’ve found that the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘elyown‘ is 166 and this means ‘Most High’:


And the word assigned to the number 166 in Strong’s is ‘ahal‘ which means ‘to be clear, shine’. So this might mean that the Most High is directing all of these works and that they are intended to be as clear as possible.

I would like to document a couple of dreams which manifested this morning as of the time of this writing. One of them was a Second Coming dream:


And another dream which seemed to be a great movie idea. Over the years I’ve had countless dreams which have played out like amazing movies which don’t exist yet. They are spiritual movies and perhaps one day after Hollywood is cleaned out there will be more metaphysical movies made. Perhaps some of these dream movies can be manifested:

February 13th, 2020 02:00 AM

Dream about watching a kind of short film play out where I believe the characters are wealthy people. One of them figures out she is an ET and does everything she can to figure out more.

She was in her room and found a secret compartment with what may have been information about it although it was booby-trapped with 3 snakes which she fought against successfully.

She tricked the two snakes into fighting one another and the third one was more docile so it didn’t bother her too much although I think it did try to attack her once.

She managed to discover that her bathroom medicine cabinet glass pulled backwards and revealed more layers of sliding glass which pulled in 4 directions (up, down, right, left).

This led to her being able to escape the house. I remember one scene of one of the characters at this mansion flying towards the front door in a type of poorly-designed craft which was mostly functional, although with only room for one person. The occupant was male. This is all I remember.

The next dream was from the night before and was about going on a tour bus trip with Dr. Michael Salla:

February 12th, 2020 07:50 AM

Dr. Michael Salla trip to an interesting location. I was with some people on a tour bus I think with Dr. Salla and we arrived at what seemed to resemble a temple on the inside. There were animals inside but I don’t recall which kind and it may have been an extraterrestrial type of trip.

After looking into other people’s dreams I stumbled upon one which I found interesting:


I wasn’t originally going to share this, but I really feel like I need to.

Last night I had a dream
It was very brief, but very profound!

I was standing in a room, a very dark room.
I was standing there with my eyes closed and when I opened my eyes up, there was this incredible being standing in front of me.
He had solid white hair and he had blue eyes that were piercing!

And I just looked at him and he looked at me and I could sense the presence of God and I can’t explain it, how I knew this …I knew he was an angel sent from heaven.

He said:
” I have something to tell you… are you listening?”

I said:
“Yes I am listening!”
He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a match box.
He slowly opened the match box and he pulled out a match.

He then took the match and quickly struck it on the side of the match box and he lit it.

He then held the match up,
RIGHT DIRECTLY in front of my face and eyes !!
The match was burning brightly.
He then said:



This particular post number is 32333 so here we see several 3s and we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years:


If we multiply the digits of this particular post number together we get 162 and we know the number 410 takes position 162 in Pi:

This is everything for now, much love all.

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