Many Synchronicities in Town, Jesus Synchronicities, Jesus Dream & More

So I will ask that those who feel guided to read this post will forgive the length as there were several things happening today while in town. Today also happens to be the 5th anniversary of starting this blog in 2015.

Although I am being guided to share some synchronicities from the last trip to town that I took but wasn’t guided to include them in their own article.

There was some potential information I got on a receipt which will be shared below. As always people should exercise discernment with anything they come across here.


I wasn’t getting much until I tried subtracting the total cost from the checkout time and transaction number. This resulted in 524:


And the gematria value of the title ‘Yeshua son of God‘ (יֵשׁוּעַ בֶּן אֱלֹהִים) in Hebrew is 524:


The day after getting that receipt, February 6th I had what seemed to be another dream regarding Jesus:


The time the dream was written down was 2:25 and the word assigned to this number is ‘alétheia‘ which means ‘Truth’. 225 is the gematria value of the Greek word for ‘Holy’ (αγιαις / hagios) and ‘Divine’ (θειας / theios):

Since the receipt and dream seemed to be connected I thought to check the time between those two occurrences and found there were 834 minutes between them:


Multiplying the digits of 834 together results in 96:


And this leads to 410 and 314 (Pi) which are some of the most important numbers manifesting right now on this planet. 410 – 314 equals 96:


Image result for truthearth jesus pi 314 410

Then the next day, February 7th, the gematria value of the daily bible verse was 410:



410 continues to appear connected to historical events. This time I discovered that the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel became the first female leader of the Christian Democratic Union on April 10th:

angle merkle

So this visit to town today was very involved mentally and physically. There was a lot of U-Turns and trying to figure out what the higher ups wanted me to do. There was also a lot of energetic urgency about getting everything done and photographed.

First I returned a book at the library and thought I was going to go to the store to get groceries. But ‘they’ made it very clear I was on their schedule.

Their guidance has been exceptionally difficult to follow lately. They were/are seriously stretching my limits and trust of them. The last few days have been a testament to that.

So after that I was guided to go the Salvation Army Thrift Store and, of course, I had no idea why, so when I walk in the first thing they energetically guide me to are the row of bibles sitting on the counter. They wanted me to take a photo of them:


Then they had me walk farther a little more and then I noticed a DVD with the title ‘The Second Coming of Christ’ which they wanted me to get a photo of:


Then I was guided to walk over to the men’s pants and they had me pick out some pajama bottoms to buy. The cashier there was wearing a hoodie with white angel wings on the back. After that I was guided to leave.

Then I was guided to go to the library and was ultimately guided to a graphic novel which I didn’t understand the purpose of checking out. Although one of the first books I saw when going to the main floor had the word ‘Wolfe’ in the author’s name and knew it was another spirit animal synchronicity:


Here was the sci-fi graphic novel I was guided to:

At one point during this trip I was guided to stand in a certain spot and look at the following red-colored book:

‘They’ wouldn’t let me leave this spot until I took those photos and apparently the synchronicity is that this book was published on December 21st, 2016:


And after seeing if I had a dream or anything of that nature around the same time I noticed that I did a blog post titled ‘Ascension Symptoms’ which was published on December 21st, 2016 and this post features clips from various TV shows which depict characters experiencing Ascension into a light body. This is a synchronicity which has been consistent for a while now and continues to manifest to present day:

So after hanging out and walking around for a while I was guided to sit down and read the above graphic novel which was a bit hard to follow. I didn’t understand the point of getting this book and was losing patience. But the higher ups kept giving me the energy of ‘SIT/READ’. So much to my surprise, there was a small scene where the Second Coming was mentioned and I felt right away this was what I was supposed to find:


After this I was suddenly guided to go up to the 3rd level of the library for the first time. I had tried to go there in the past but was guided not to do so:

I was guided to stay up there for a while until a man who worked there asked if I needed help finding anything… Okay time to go! So I went back down the stairs towards the 2nd level and was guided to stop half-way down the flight of stairs and hangout by the big window. This tested my patience also because I couldn’t understand what the point of this was. But then a man and woman came down the stairs and I saw that the man had a kind of small bag with several gold Christian crosses on them. I waited a little bit and then was guided to go back down stairs finally. I tried to find him to see if he’d let me take a photo of it but I couldn’t locate him.

Then I was guided to stand and wait by the book stand which featured the ‘Wolfe’ name on it and after once again losing patience an older man came over and he had a Christian cross pendant on his necklace and I complimented him on it and he told me it had a certain saying on it (it was a Serenity Prayer excerpt). He allowed me to take a photo of it. The experience went very smoothly and so I knew this was the reason why I had to wait:


After that I was guided to start leaving the library. This leads to a synchronicity which occurred a week or two before when I was in town and was guided to the community events board on the first floor of the library. The following poster which promotes a class to help learn the teachings of the Ascended Masters is based on the work by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet:


I remember in the last few days I was strongly guided to look into what the ‘I AM Presence‘ is as I had heard of it but hadn’t really put any time into learning it (so much to do and so little time). I had only glanced at the information on the above poster.

The website that came up first was the one which was created to share the teachings of the Ascended Beings. I knew I recognized the woman on the website from somewhere and found out the teachings/classes based on her work were being done at this library, what a synchronicity! I learned that she and her husband had passed away some years ago but their work was being continued which is wonderful of course.

So after that I was finally guided to leave the library. The higher ups were once again testing my faith and patience by having me turn down a street and parking in a certain parking space in front of a health food restaurant. I hadn’t eaten anything at this point and thought they would have me get something there. Although my diet is very strict so I don’t really eat out anywhere anymore.

But I was guided to simply start walking down the street, farther away from food… My stomach wasn’t happy but it wasn’t that bad. ‘They’ do this often, taking me to the limit in every way imaginable… After walking down the street they had me stop at this one antiques store and take a photo of the door:


The number 400 appeared to be the reason for this as the gematria value of another way of spelling Jesus’ name in Hebrew (ישעך) is 400:


After that I was guided to walk father down the street which continued to test my faith and patience. After walking for a bit I was guided to stop in front of this restaurant and check out the magazine stands in front of it and saw exactly the divine reason why I was there. I was standing in front of Leap of Faith tattoo & piercing shop:

So because I didn’t just get back in the car and drive away due to not understanding why I was there, I took a leap of faith and continued down the street and that is the synchronicity which led to it.

On another magazine/newspaper stand next to the above one featured a front page which titled ‘5 Senses’. Later on I figured out that today is the 5th anniversary of starting this blog:


After that I was guided to continue walking down the street and with a new boost of energy from this leap of faith synchronicity I continued in a better mood. So then I approached an herbal/natural kind of store and was guided to go inside and start looking around. The woman there, who turned out to be the owner, was pointing out some of the beautiful plants there and the work her husband does with portions of trees.

After a while we started talking more and found out we both knew the same person, Ken, who I had synchronistically ran into one day some time ago after wearing an orgonite pendant that recognized as being from So this was an amazing synchronicity as well!

Another customer came in and I decided to look around for something to eat as I was quite hungry. So I saw some raisins which I grabbed, except I was guided to put the bigger big that I had grabbed back and take the other one in front which had less but had the interesting price of $1.62:


And of course we know the number 410 takes position 162 in Pi:


After checking out we talked a little more and another gentleman came in, whose name was also Jonathan, and we had talked about how we are getting numbers synchronistically and I told them the story about my contact with the Hopi Elder. After telling that story the shop owner showed me this poster on a board near the front entrance which features some information about the change we are living through right now which was written by the Hopi Elders:


There was another poster featuring the name Age of Aquarius which we are now entering:


After that I was guided to leave and walk back towards the car and when I got back to being in front of the health restaurant I was guided to go inside. But before doing that there was a poster by the front door which featured the name Jonathan who was playing the piano, just like myself:


The cost of the drink before the tip was $8.73:


And if we plug 873 into Pi we see it takes position behind 1159 which can be seen as one minute to midnight or that the clock is about to strike the hour:


So after that I was guided to go to the store and instead of getting a basket I was guided to get a cart, indicating that I was going to be buying more than usual. This is where the higher ups really tested me as well. I was guided to get several of one item for many things including 9 boxes of vegan burger patties. I was so doubtful of this guidance that I went into the bathroom and did some affirmations to make sure that I wasn’t being tricked by some Cabal influence or technology to get me to blow my money on a bunch of things I wouldn’t need. But the guidance continued exactly as it always had for the rest of the store trip. This is another leap of faith here. Although it isn’t a bad idea to stock up on supplies given the nature of the collapsing global financial system.

The only thing on the receipt I could find anything of potential meaning was the time 4:14 PM (16:14):


If we plug 1614 into Pi we see it takes position 1610 which would be 4:10 in 24-hour time:


So after getting groceries I asked if I should go home and I got ‘NO’ and was guided to go farther into town. After doing some U-Turns (many happened this day) I realized they were trying to guide me to the Big-O Tires shop (tire/auto repair-ish shop). I asked them why I needed to do this and thought they wanted me to extend the tire warranty on the tires. So after protesting having to do this I went in there and talked to the guy and he said that this wasn’t possible.

So after leaving and driving away they kept giving me the energy to go back and talk to them even though I had no idea what I was supposed to inquire about. So I shook my head and once again in protest went back inside and asked about another repair the car needed which wasn’t urgent and was told I needed to make an appointment and pay a diagnostic fee. This didn’t jive right so I declined and left the store with much less patience than before.

At this point I was over it and decided to go back home even though they kept trying to energetically pull me back to the store. At this point in the day I was out of patience and just wanted to get back. And as I was contemplating this later on I think they just wanted me to get the oil and oil filter changed, which I hadn’t thought of as the car hadn’t been driving that long since the last one I did personally. But it’s 6 months or 3k miles, whichever comes first. So I guess it was time.

And finally while playing a game of Pyramid the other day I got a spread where the 4 and 10 cards were just under the King card. Another Jesus synchronicity?


This is everything for now, much love all.

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