Hello Earthlings!

My name is Jonathan and this is my first blog ever! =] I have come across much information about how the world really works and who the forces are that have turned it into the debt-slavery illusion it is today. Many humans have accepted this reality and unfortunately many don’t realize the little green man behind the curtain is much more malevolent than they think. I am going to disclose all the information I know about everything I can get my hands on. There is much to tell, I assure you. I guess we could start out with a bombshell eh? These videos are credited to David Wilcock, one of the brilliant individuals I follow on the net regularly (information wise, not stalker haha) and he has done years and years of research into how corrupt our and other countries’ governments are. By the way government in its original form means mind control. Governance is the correct term that should exist as it is run and chosen by its people. These videos contain factual evidence that the Federal Reserve induced and funded WWI and WWII to, yes you might have guessed it, make money. There are two parts to the documentary and it is in Russian. There are English subtitles though, I believe you just have to turn them on. If not there are other uploads on YouTube available. These eye-opening videos provide deep military intelligence as to how the Rockefellers and Rothschilds families came into power and thus created the reality we exist in today. Enjoy!


Here is part I

Here is part II




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