Water is much more than we think

I’d like to state what there is to know about water. H2O. Except it’s not that simple. It makes up (depending on whom you inquire) 60-80% of our bodies. And it can be affected by our thoughts and intentions. We are now finding our how powerful our brains are and how much of a literal effect they have on the local and even distant environment. Here is a documentary about how the Russian and other government entities experimented with water and found astounding results they never thought they would achieve. The research was mostly led by a Japanese author and researcher Masaru Emoto. Water apparently has a memory and when pulsed with certain frequencies, it created beautiful geometric shapes and designs. Now here’s the kicker, they also evidently change shape according to someone’s thoughts and intent. I know crazy, right? Well it’s been scientifically proven. Enjoy!

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