More Possible Second Coming Signs

I just want to note here that I don’t know if any of these signs and synchronicities are actually indicating that there will be a second coming. I am just sharing what I have here and the connections I am being guided to for everyone to do with what they please.

I just recalled the photo I took of the ‘Walk Thru Bethlehem‘ banner that appeared synchronistically while driving home through Prescott the other day (had to come home a different way due to construction work, this appeared to be divinely-planned) and I remembered there is a big clock on one of the buildings that tells the time and temperature. It spins so people in different locations can read it. When I took that picture it read 6:30 exactly. I think I understand why ‘they’ had me turn around and go back to get this picture:


Then I remembered that the conjunction (or UFOs possibly, or both) known as the Star of Bethlehem re-appeared a few years ago on June 30th (6/30):

(Elephant Journal) “Star Of Bethlehem” Visible for the First Time in 2,000 Years.

“Jupiter and Venus Dancing In The Sky Tonight: If you missed the “Star of Bethlehem” phenomenon last night it will still be possible to see this clear and spectacular display for the next few days as Jupiter and Venus dance in the night sky. The best time to view is just after dark, looking just above the horizon to the North/North-West.

‘Double star’ moment for Jupiter and Venus in the night sky (via CNN).

On June 30th, Jupiter and Venus merged into what is known as a super-star.

The conjunction of these two planets has been building throughout the month of June and the result will be a dazzling bright spectacular on June 30th.

Sky & Telescope suggest that a similar rare conjunction of Venus and Jupiter may have been what was known as the “Star of Bethlehem” in 3-2 BC and since then there has not been a brighter, closer planetary conjunction. That means that this is the first opportunity of seeing it so clear for 2,000 years!…”

The Greek word for ‘prepare’ (ητοιμασα) has a value of 630:


The Greek word for ‘nigh’ (παραπλήσιον), which means ‘close’ or ‘near-by’ or ‘soon’, is 630:


If we enter in the phrase ‘The Star of Bethlehem’ into the gematria calculator we find a connection to Pi and 410. Below we see this phrase has a value of 270:


270 is found directly after 410 in Pi:


And finally it is interesting to note that this post number ends with 740 and the gematria value of ‘Return of the King’ is also 740:



Again I am not making any claims here, I am just sharing what I am being guided to share at this time. What each person reading this makes of it is up to them.

This is all for now, much love all!

PS ‘They’ wanted it known that this post was being done on November 28th 2018 and not the 29th which is what WordPress’ time will show.


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