Dream About Seeing Cabal Members Tried and Hanged on a Cruise Ship

This dream appears to be prophetic, George H. W. Bush died the day after I had this dream on November 30th:

This was a pretty exciting dream. I mean I am not looking forward to people hanging, but I am looking forward to these people simply being stopped. Here is the dream:

November 29th, 2018 05:08 AM

“I was a guest on a beautiful and large cruise ship where I went to purchase an entry into the dinner buffet. It was $40 and some change which I had.

I remember walking towards the seating area and noticed a small structure protruding from the floor. I knew there were trials happening on the deck below us. There was a place to hold a rope from the structure which went down into the deck which was used to hang convicted criminals which were being handled by a jury of people.

We could hear them falling and being hanged with the rope and the rope being cut not long after that. They seemed to be going through them very quickly. Then we all had dinner.

But just before that I noticed a couple of gentleman removing the part of the hanging structure which was built into the floor which went down a deck. I caught the guys in the elevator and asked them to pose for a picture which they did just before the elevator doors closed.

Then while sitting at a dinner table I said “who here has heard of QAnon?” And one woman said she knew, then other people started turning around and listening while telling them about it. I told them there had already been thousands of arrests all around the world and that the intel drops were connected to the highest level of the government.

Then I realized I had put a piece of meat in my mouth and spit it out in disgust. I was pretty angry at myself for not paying attention to what I was eating.”

[FYI I am vegan]

So that’s it. It was pretty exciting to actually see people facing justice for their crimes. I have received intel in my dreams before which I have shared here and there. Could this be a snapshot of the secret grand juries occurring right now? Time will tell of course.

The closest picture I could find which looked like the dining room entrance where the wooden structures were situated on the floor and went down to the next deck below was this:

Image result for cruise ship dining room red

Much love all.

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