A Note About the Creative Process of Making Videos!

I wanted to make this note to let people know that the creative process of making these videos is based almost entirely upon spiritual guidance and not my own decision to make them.

Probably about 4-5 years ago I was guided in a dream to begin making videos of myself speaking about metaphysical and other subjects. I had no idea what I was doing but I got the hang of the learning curve using the cheap Sony Vegas Home Studio video editing software.

At first the videos were my own ideas (I think! Although there was likely guidance happening here, my relationship with my guides and higher self wasn’t very developed at this time) and as time went on I would be guided to watch a show and take notes about scenes to use for a video I didn’t know I would be making days, weeks or even months into the future.

This process included being guided to songs, TV shows, movies and other forms of media which would be incorporated into videos in the future. Most people don’t realize how much work these videos are. I sometimes have to watch an entire TV series (many seasons!) just for ONE clip to use for a video. I remember spending the better part of 8+ hours working on one video, during which I had given up trying to put together a few times because I couldn’t make it work and make sense. This kind of frustration occurs frequently with these videos as the chain of events depicted have to make sense.

Many times I will just be surfing the web and suddenly a song will appear in my recommended home page on YouTube and then I get the energy guidance to use that song for a video. Many times it is a song that was just uploaded that day.

And I am not given any notice in advance about when a video will need to be made until the moment I get the guidance telling me to do so which can literally be at any moment.

This process is now very strictly guided and controlled in order to manifest the most mind-blowing synchronicities which are made into the videos which many times now have precluded world events or intel reports.

I am given guidance on what to write in the videos, what wording to use, what to delete, what to include, what to remove or shorten, which song to use, which video clips to be used, how long the video is, etc. Pretty much every detail is calculated very carefully so as to have the maximum effect on those watching the videos, and as I mentioned before, prophetic information/intel has been released in these videos which I have documented on my blog several times now. The best example is this one:


So if some times passes between videos being made I would request that you remain patient because the higher ups are ALWAYS cooking up something good and it won’t have the effect that they want unless every single detail is done exactly in divine timing.

And I am not guided to give any advanced notice that I making a video, I am just supposed to start making it when they tell me to and then publish it.

I have seen many comments on YouTube saying that the videos have manifested for them in perfect divine timing so I know there is a reason why I do them the way ‘they’ want them to be done.

I also want to note that I generally have no idea what the video will be about before I make it. As I mentioned before, I have no idea which song I will use, which is important because the song decides the content. The song decides what kind of dynamic will be at play; an action-type song will depict a conflict-resolution type of drama/action with lots of excitement and a softer ambient song will depict a much more delicate experience. And they all must end positively, which is how I want them to be and how the higher ups want them to be.

This is everything I am being guided to include in this note here. I hope that everyone can understand why sometimes it takes a while for these videos to be made, it is a very involved process and the higher ups can be very demanding so as to have the maximum positive effect on people watching them.

Thank you for your time, much love all!

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