Big Synchronicities in Town, Jesus Synchronicities & More

There were several incredible synchronicities happening today which will be documented below. The primary one being a Jesus synchronicity. Even though I don’t feel the need to write about experiences with helping the homeless or needy there will need to be another exception since there were so many synchronicities happening at once.

Today I asked my guides if I should go to town and I was given the answer YES. I was also guided to take several pieces of orgonite with me, always an exact amount for what will be needed later on, unbeknownst to me.

First I was guided to stop at the store and buy coolant for the car because it was low. I was guided to take one piece of orgonite with me and when the moment came I was guided to give it to the cashier who gladly accepted it!

After that I dropped off my recyclables and headed back towards town. I was strongly guided to go to the grocery store where a very kind elderly woman commonly holds a sign on the corner. So far I have been guided to buy her salads and not much else, which she always accepts. This time the salad was a dollar off and incredibly resulted in the total coming out to $4.10 and being transaction number 104:


But that was just beginning. After I went to give her the salad and some cash we started to talk a lot more than usual this time and while we were chatting she pointed up at the sky and saw a small amount of clouds which were shaped like the Christian cross. Little does she know…



But the miracles didn’t stop there. While talking to her, four more people gave her some cash including a woman who came over to hand her a lunch bag. The elderly lady said that this usually never happens as most people ignore her, although something similar happened when someone was standing with her.

I told her about the changes that will be happening and who the Cabal is. In my experience many ‘homeless’ people are very aware of what’s happening here as they are really the end goal of some of the Archon’s Draconian measures.

Speaking of those groups while at the grocery store I saw a magazine by National Geographic about secret societies:


Not long after being at the grocery store I tuned into the music playing overhead and noticed the lyrics were ‘Life’s About To Get Good’:

33 appears on the receipt as the checkout time I got from the store and we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years.


The transaction number reversed, 2617, is the 380th prime number:


380 is the gematria value of one of the ways of spelling Jesus’ (ישע) name in Hebrew:


I am being guided to post a dream which seemed kind of strange but it involved seeing 2 short posts from Cobra regarding volcanoes in addition to a separate dream which went on for what seemed like forever regarding a mission to stop this active volcano from erupting with a small container of pills of some kind. It ended up working and it didn’t blow. I don’t know if this is going to mean anything or not but I am sharing it here anyways:


While at the library today I was guided to a couple of interesting things. I was guided to take a photograph of the following book for reasons I don’t know at the moment:


And on the way out of the library I saw a Blu-ray DVD with just the title of ‘Wolf’, so here I saw my spirit animal appearing. I also saw what I thought was a wolf at the store when I first got into town although she was in a scooter so I couldn’t tell 100%:


I was guided to bury the remaining pieces of orgonite around the Yavapai Police/Court Building which features some nasty drums on a tower structure. I won’t say how many there were buried there as the Cabal sometimes sends people to find and destroy them:


This particular post number is 32234:


Multiplying these digits together results in the sacred number 144:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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