One Last Jesus Synchronicity?

So I thought after deleting all of the posts related to Jesus that the synchronicities and dreams would stop happening but I seem to have been proven incorrect these past few days.

Synchronistically, a new Gaia Portal just came out today, January 1st, (published at 4:10 so here is the magic 410 appearing again) where the first line seemed to echo what had just happened by deleting all of the synchronicity reports which were weighing me down more than I realized:

So here is the big Jesus synchronicity which was complimented by a dream which happened the night before. Here is the dream which I debated even writing down because it seemed so out of place and unrelated to anything going on in my own situation (apologies about some of the seemingly unrelated portions of the dream being in the bathroom):

(December 30th, 2020 08:48 AM)

Dream about being in school (elementary school in Tucson = new beginning/learning) and I was in class and I had scheduled myself to perform the piano. I was to be the 12th performer. I remember I didn’t have my piano and that Ryan (last name deleted) who I called Ryan Lochte in the hallway after class had it and I asked him to bring it.

He seemed hesitant and he said something about it which seemed like he wanted to keep it I think. But I wanted it back.

So anyways as he was leaving I told him I would text him so he had my number and that I would help him unload his stuff too as I think he was performing.

I remember thinking that I was supposed to be on in like 2 hours at 7:30 PM or something like that. I sat down and asked my guides if I was supposed to be playing the piano and they gave me ‘Yes’ and then ‘Yes’ to another question I asked which I don’t remember now.

[Portion about the bathroom removed, see screenshots below for this part.]

I also remember seeing the numbers for the performers on the whiteboard in the classroom. When I was asking my guidance about performing I was sitting in a lobby filled with people.

I sat down in a chair and wondered if I could do this song which I don’t remember now.

I think it was a Beethoven piece.

The last line was the most important one and I was so sure I didn’t get it right because I couldn’t remember the piece I was supposed to perform. But as I discovered it seemed to be part of an incredible synchronicity.

So on December 31st I was browsing the web and looking for a positive sci-fi movie to watch and after digging and digging and actually looking for a specific one I saw a while ago I stumbled across a low-budget but very well made movie called ‘The Man from Earth’ from 2007:

Buy Man From Earth - Microsoft Store en-CA

It’s about a man (John, interestingly) who was having a get together with some co-workers/friends to say goodbye as he was planning to relocate. His friends were confused as to why he would suddenly leave and after prying and questioning John he decided to open up and tell them that he has been alive for 14,000 years (the digits of 410 appearing).

At first they all thought John was joking but they persisted and John answered their questions.

After a certain point the conversation steers towards whether or not John knew any religious figures and at first he tried to discourage them from asking questions about this. But of course they wouldn’t have any of this and continued to prod until John finally started sharing more.

It was at this point that I suspected that this part of the movie would delve into something about Jesus and I stopped watching it because I didn’t care to watch anything related to Jesus anymore.

But after thinking about it I thought “let’s just see what happens I suppose”. It’s not going to hurt anything if I finish the movie.

John eventually reveals that he was Jesus and this upset the people there. One man even called in an experienced psychiatrist friend who questioned John and deemed him as being sane but was not able to reconcile this seemingly insane story he was telling everyone.

One woman there, who was a devout Christian, had the hardest time accepting this and cried at one point as she was quite upset.

The situation got to the point where John suddenly lifts up his hands and says ‘end of the line’ and says he was just telling them a story which wasn’t true. Everyone was very upset by this but eventually expressed relief with the exception of one main character who believed him.

Towards the end of the movie the psychiatrist, who had threatened to commit John to an institution earlier, overheard John’s conversation with one of the other main characters where he was talking about he had a different name which he used 60 years ago.

It was revealed that the psychiatrist was actually John’s son and he was in so much shock that he suffered a heart attack and passed away. John said it was the first time he had witnessed one of his children die.

Now here is the part which really made my brain think. In the dream which happened the night before, the piece I wrote down that I was supposed to perform was one by Beethoven. I didn’t think about the dream when I was watching the movie so when I was thinking about it later I realized that in the movie John plays Beethoven’s 7th Symphony on a small device:

I was guided to publish this dream the day that it happened but I didn’t think of it as important so I disregarded this.

I don’t know if I am interpreting what is happening here correctly but it seems that there is a possibility that this movie is echoing what has been happening for the past few years. I get these Jesus synchronicities and dreams which I have been publishing (which has been upsetting people) and then I delete them all (which also possibly upset people) and then this interesting possible validation occurs in the form of a dream and the digits of 410 appearing in the movie (including in the Gaia Portal message).

And in the movie John reveals to everyone what is happening to him, they get upset, then he says it’s a story, to which they also express being upset but relief, and then the validation comes at the end.

If anyone feels interested in watching this movie for themselves you can find it here. It’s in English but this person added Chinese subtitles to it:

I would also add that before I saw this movie I kept thinking of Jerome and this is the first name of the writer the movie, Jerome Bixby. I am about 30 minutes away from a city called Jerome here in Arizona and the owner of the place I’m currently staying at is staying there. Just an interesting coincidence…

There are great actors in this movie despite being a low-budget film. The writer Jerome Bixby wrote for the original Star Trek series in the ’60s.

In any case, whether or not this means anything is up to the reader. I don’t know if anymore of these synchronicities will continue to feature something having to do with Jesus or not but if what is happening is echoing this movie then it could be the last one.

Who knows for sure though. I don’t arrange for these synchronicities or dreams to happen they just happen and that’s just how it works.

So I thank those of you who felt like reading to the end of this post and I hope people can understand that it is not my intention to upset anyone or cause anyone distress or pain in anyway. Please accept my apologies if any of that has happened.

Thank you for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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