Prophetic Presidential Dreams Come True

So I have been having some really amazing and interesting dreams over the past several days. It seems something has changed and something is beginning. Of course I am not privy to the plans of the divine, only that I play a small role in them.

I have been having dreams regarding Trump and the position of the President along with a political dream which manifested this morning.

The first dream which I hadn’t ever planned on publishing anywhere was about seeing a message on a screen by Donald Trump which had my name in it along with another one:

And after looking up Trump’s Twitter handle just to see if there was anything of interest I noticed that the most recent tweet, published as of three hours ago as of the time of this writing, had a video promoting a Make America Great Again March which had a length of 4:10. So here we see the magic 410 appearing once again. 410 is my birthday and continues to appear throughout time and space in the most amazing ways. So my name didn’t appear in the video but the digits of my birthdate and this magic number appeared:

What I find the most interesting is that this March will take place at The Ellipse which is basically the backyard of the White House and in the dream I saw Trump in the backyard setting:

It is also just as amazing when I looked to and noticed that they hadn’t announced the location of the march in Washington D.C. when the dream occurred so the dream was prophetic in that regard:

In the video the woman organizing the march said they had just announced the location today I believe.

The next dream was also connected to the President and seemed to be prophetic:

(January 2nd, 2020 08:09 AM)

Dream about being on boat/ship. Woke up at 7:56 AM (756 is connected to the magic number 410 in that the divisors of 410 add up to 756.)

So some of my co-workers from the hospital were on this boat and the room we were in seemed like a classroom setting. I remember going down into the water somewhere and I saw something etched into the wood on the bottom.

It was at least two Windows (Microsoft Windows) command codes:

Run as President.exe
Run as Administrator.exe

There was one short line above those two and two or three more lines below those two. I think there were more things to be found within the ship that no one has noticed before and I begged the captain or teach guy to let me use the equipment to see it.

I was so excited but he seemed reluctant but allowed me to do so anyways. I thought I had found something at one point with just wearing basic goggles but they were fogged up and I couldn’t see very well.

I woke up just before getting to work on finding the knowledge. I remember walking around the room explaining what I had found and that this ship was built before computers.

I remember thinking that I hope this wasn’t a dream.

For those who are not familiar with the Windows command codes, this is something that one can use to get to a file/program quicker, among other purposes. The .exe stands for ‘execute’ as in to initiate the command.

So perhaps this has to do with an upcoming event of some kind which is related to the President and the administration.

The next dream featured a house full of senators which seemed be be some kind of party where I noticed former Arizona senator Martha McSally:

Another dream which occurred just this morning seemed to foretell the appearance of the Trump tweet featuring the promotion of the march now that I think more about it. I didn’t write the entire dream down because yet again I didn’t see any reason to do so.

In the dream I was talking to someone on the phone with headphones on and it was a job I had been hired for but I hadn’t shown up for work. The woman there was asking me questions about making a promotional video for her. I had a hard time hearing her in some parts of the call as I was being driven around but finally agreed to have her send me over what she liked and that I would do what I could for her. I thought perhaps this had something to do with Stillness in the Storm (created by Justin Dechamps) who I have worked with in the past so that’s what I wrote down but that was my ego trying to rationalize it and draw conclusions instead of just trusting that the information would come to me in the right time:

So these dreams seem to be connected to the President and the events which are coming up. Certainly so many dreams wouldn’t be happening for no good reason. I don’t know what will happen of course but if I had anymore dreams I think I will get into the habit of writing them down better.

I would add here that based on the captured servers by the military which were allegedly altering the votes in favor of Biden, Trump had won 410 electoral votes per One America News Network:

This is everything for now, thank you for checking this out and I wish everyone here much love and light. I hope you can stay strong and positive during this time, regardless of what happens!

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