Personal Update, Messages from Dreams & More

For those who are interested here is a personal update along with some messages from dreams that might be of value to some.

I’ve moved in with a relative and am currently doing well here. As usual my guidance and other decisions seem to coincide with the activity of the sun and today we have been getting some strong solar winds interestingly:

I wanted to share about an extremely important message which the Higher Ups have been communicating to me in the waking and dream world. The message is to be very careful about thoughts (and words) as these are manifesting very quickly. ‘They’ have taken some pretty intense action in order to get this point across to me. This has been in the past few weeks or so. I have noticed this happening a lot and so it has been a difficult time trying to change my thinking so quickly and radically like that. I struggle with anger issues and so this is a hard left turn for me ultimately but it is getting better.

One night for the first time that I can recall I had one recurring dream which was emphasizing the importance of making sure my thoughts were positive because they were manifesting very quickly. Every single time I woke up and went back to sleep it was the same dream for the entire night which ended up being a few or more times I believe:

This concept has been shared in Star Trek: Next Generation season 1 episode 6 titled ‘Where No One Has Gone Before’ where an extraterrestrial being accidentally transports the starship and its crew to what I would call (at least that’s what I thought) the Astral Plane. The crew’s thoughts became reality instantly and the while the being was being questioned by the captain he went on to say that thought is very powerful and is the basis of all reality:

I had another strange one where I saw the word ‘HAPPENING’ in all caps (definitely use discernment with all of these of course!):

I had a dream about Cobra talking about the post office. I didn’t write that one after it happening so I forgot most of the details:

I am doing my best to stay positive and to hold the light while going through other personal things. Definitely not easy but it can be done. I don’t know what’s going to happen from now until the Event but my Higher team (as I call my guides, higher self, ascended masters, Source) is definitely working a lot (probably overtime) to help, that is for sure.

I hope everyone is doing okay and that they are able to manifest the best outcome for their situation at this time. Who would have thought things would get so bad on this planet? But it won’t go on forever, even though it seems like it will. The Cabal has mastered the art of illusion and making things seem different than they appear, including themselves losing.

Antagonist President Snow from The Hunger Games

I don’t know if this can be used for others or if it was just a personal message but the words Buckle Up kept manifesting and I documented this because it hasn’t happened before:

So I hope that maybe this brought some upliftment to someone’s day and I hope that everyone reading this is showered with much love and abundance at all times. Thank you and I wish everyone much love!

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  1. Elenagora says:

    Thank you for your message. We are all doing a common cause, sowing grains and this will bear fruit. Good luck!

  2. Еlenagora says:

    Thank you for your message. We are all doing a common cause, sowing grains and this will bear fruit. Good luck!

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