Attacks, Lady Gaga Synchronicities, Titanic Synchronicities, The Magic Number 410

For those who are interested there are some synchronicities I will share along with the disclaimer of encouraging discernment with anything you come across here.

Due to the sleep meds I haven’t been able to remember/recall dreams very well so it seems the Higher Ups are using other means to communicate which includes, but is not limited to, putting melodies in my head which are leading to real world synchronicities.

But before sharing that I wanted to write about the attacks which were exceptionally bad after publishing the previous article. I believe that the attacks were going to be so bad, that the Higher Ups sent one of my neighbors up to warn me about it.

This happened February 18th and it started with her knocking on my door to inquire about some vibrations she felt. She said they had been keeping her awake and that it wasn’t audible but it was similar to the vibrations of a subwoofer.

This led to talking about directed energy weapons, which she knew about and we live pretty close to a large death tower (this is one of the names that the orgonite community calls them) and these can give off some pretty harmful frequencies to say the least.

She mentioned an article she had printed out and came back to give it to me. This is when I was starting to think that this was a warning of some kind because things like this don’t happen randomly. The Higher Ups have many ways of warning me about what’s about to happen and this was one of them.

The attacks started not long after this and they went on for hours until I was finally able to sleep in the morning for a while.

Yesterday was a pretty bad day and while walking home from taking a walk I got the song ‘Higher’ by Creed and ‘Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of’ by U2:

On a more positive note, one random melody which entered my brain was ‘Artpop’ by Lady Gaga:

After doing some digging I discovered that her official Facebook page was created on April 10th:

Her most recent album, Chromatica, was released April 10th:

The next tune they put into my head happened today and was the one from the movie ‘Titanic’ where the ship was setting sail and the captain was looking out to the sea:

Here is where things get really crazy. The more I looked into this ship, the more I found the magic number 410 or some variation of these digits. It is almost unbelievable how many times this number comes up in connection to this ship and its sinking.

We know the Titanic set sail on April 10th (well it was possibly its sister ship Olympic but this is another article for another day).

Ships that were being built weren’t identified by name, but by a number and Titanic happened to be 401:

The Titanic could accommodate up to 410 second-class passengers:


“…284 passengers boarded second class in a ship that could accommodate 410 second-class passengers.”

The Titanic hit the iceberg at around 11:40 PM or 23:40 (here are the digits of 410):

Per the official report, there is a mention of a timestamp:


…At 2:40 am I saw a green flare up half a point on port bow (White Star Line Cos Signal) …. Taking this to be the ship l immediately had rockets fired in answer … A few minutes after the flare up we saw our first iceberg … at 4:10 am got first along side the ship with officers in charge …”

The Titanic currently rests at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean where the water pressure is 6,000 pounds per square inch or 410 bar:

(Scuba Diver Life)

“…The second obstacle was the depth of the water in which it came to rest. As divers, we are better acquainted than most with the effects of pressure at depth, and the Titanic’s location on the bottom of the Atlantic features a surrounding pressure of 6,000 psi/410 bar…”

So somehow, from start to finish, this number made its way into the details of this ship’s lifetime in many ways.

I was able to recall a dream from this morning and it was the last one I had before waking up. It was about being somewhere with some other people who were about to be tested for something and it involved the director of the short film I was in. I think the test had to do with balance:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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