Sign this petition to have the U.S. patent office declassify the over 5000+ suppressed patents that will change our world

Here is the link to it!

I just started a petition on the government’s petition website to order the U.S. patent office to release and declassify all the patents they or the powers that ‘were’ made great efforts to bury and suppress.

I will reiterate the post I wrote about how free energy has been actively suppressed since the 1950’s or so. This is greatly exposed and brought to light in the documentary ‘Gashole’. I highly suggest it.

It is up to us, the 99%, to change this world. Yes, there are forces within the military entities and off-planet that are working tirelessly behind-the-scenes in order to liberate us from our perceived ‘masters’. But it should be known that we (you) are co-creating this reality and we have much much more power than we realize. We’ve been taught to simply accept the reality that’s placed in front of us without question and to do what we are told.

Well I say bulltoot and encourage and empower you all to get involved in causes around you. It’s our turn now. Nothing gets done by sitting on the couch or watching T.V. (unless it’s educational and accurately informative).

Don’t let fear take over and suppress the abilities you might not know you have yet.

I am tired of seeing my fellow humans living on the streets and holding signs for basic necessities. I help them within my means whenever possible but what they and we all need is a paradigm shift.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Gandhi.

Well that’s all for now. I am working on setting up a meeting time for the group I started on The link to that group if you are interested in joining (anyone can join but I am based in Glendale, AZ) is at the top of this blog in the black bar menu.

Much love to you all! =]

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