Lots of insider information available

David Wilcock always delivers. He has a handful of about a dozen, give or take, insiders who have high-level military access and are currently on active duty which gives him access the latest and greatest info. Some of the most recent intel he has put out has been about the history of our solar system.

He claims from his insiders that our solar system has been inhabited by criminal E.T.s as this part of the galaxy was designated to be used as a rehab/prison. Well zebras generally don’t change their stripes and lo-and-behold the bad guys colonized most of the planets (biospheres) here and sought to escape justice. This, of course, is a summarized fragment of what has, had and is currently happening in our neighborhood and on our planet.

David Wilcock disclosed all this and so much more at the Conscious Life Expo a week or two ago and the information has been circulating and amazing people since. He did this live and didn’t announce it until the day of for security reasons. The cabal steps lightly when it comes to silencing those who oppose them.

Since his presentation was for paid members only the video of him doesn’t exist for free yet, at least not to my knowledge. But briefly the mp3 audio was available and it was astounding. Just listening to this information was a spectacle in itself. He apparently had slides and pictures to back up what he said. Some of these videos exist on YouTube. Such as the stasis beings that are being found around the world right now. This could be one of them. This one was found in Iraq and has a gold crown and Egyptian hieroglyphs contained in the sarcophagus.

David’s blog Divine Cosmos has more information and disclosure.

On his blog he also has info about the terrestrial struggle going on in regards to the cabal and their imminent defeat. His insiders tell him that the magnificent ‘meteors’ that are being seen across the world are actually negative E.T. craft being shot down.

In his Coast to Coast interview with George Noory, David goes into the fact that the Earth is on lock down and no one can fly in or out that is negative. If you can believe this he also states that recently there have been about a 100 Neptune and Saturn sized ships hanging around the central sun. These are the beings responsible for the Earth’s quarantine and are shooting down enemy craft. Here is the YouTube video that contains the interview in its entirety. David comes in at around 41:41. The beings on these ships are supposedly bird-headed humanoid with blue feathers covering their bodies.

This is an exciting time to live in and remember according to Dr. Michael Newton author of ‘Journey of Souls’ , where he presents an unbiased, articulate and accurate amount of information from his patients who agreed to undergo past life regression through hypnotherapy and discover what life in between lives is like, we choose our lives before we incarnate here and we have chosen to ascend into the next density in our 3D bodies. It is no accident we are alive today (those who are helping with the liberation of the planet)
and whether we know it or not we are playing a vital role in this process.

According to what i’ve been reading this is the last planet in the entire universe to be enslaved the way it is by these being that came here tens of thousands of years ago and their reign has ended. A positive timeline for us was guaranteed years ago.

Much love to you all I hope this information has helped you in your journey in this life.

As always use your own discernment with any information your given.


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