Mainstream media/University of Cambridge evolutionist says ETs will look human and not like little green men. Big disclosure!

As we get closer to ‘The Event’ we are seeing many amazing disclosures through the mainstream media AKA the cabal’s mouthpiece.

This is a real special one as it has Professor Simon Conway Morris who is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Cambridge stating that ETs will look very similar to us given how many Earth like planets we have discovered.

It doesn’t get any more disclosure-ier than this! Although there will always be those will never believe until a UFO rams into them in traffic.

Here is the article.

This is the manifestation of the Cabal being forced to disclose ETs to us. Even though, if you ask me, disclosure has happened over and over and over yet people are so programmed and manipulated, they would need an actual in person encounter with an ET to realize it’s real.

Hope this was an interesting one for ya! I knew it was for me!

Much love everyone =]

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