More Disclosure In The Headlines!

First off, Happy New Year everyone!

As the race for disclosure continues we can see many, many headlines that feature buzz words like ‘extraterrestrial’ and ‘alien’.

I have complied a list of recent (just in December actually) headlines that have these words in them, among other disclosures. This is obviously a push to prep the unawakened public to deal with a big grand disclosure event that will propel us into our Golden Age and out of what seems to be the dark age.

These are all taken from mainstream media outlets, both in the US and internationally.

Hope you enjoy it! Much love everyone!

DailyMail – An 800 Year Old Mobile Phone Left By Aliens

DailyMail – Mystery Dome Mars Alien Hunters Say Structure Built Ancient Civilization -What Is This Extraterrestrial Craft Snapped Flying Over The Moon

DailyMail – NASA Used Santa Claus Codename Three UFOS Spotted Lunar Landings Claims Former Employee – Watch Extraordinary Fleet Of UFOs Seen Again Above Same City A Year Later – Best UFO Evidence Years Filmed NASA Tim Peake Docked ISS – UFO Frenzy Sparked After Pilot Posts This Picture Of Strange Looking Craft In Night Sky – Billionaire Space Explorer Says Building City On Mars Is Possible After Rocket Launch – Are Mystery Orb UFOs Stalking Homes Across Globe About To Abduct – Pictured Aline Hunters Stunned By Flying Saucer Hovering Over Mars In NASA Image

DailyMail- Did NASA Cut Live ISS Stream Aliens Appeared

DailyMail – Another Earth Closest Ever Planet Which Could House Intelligent Aliens Discovered – NASA Congress Space Habitat

DailyMail – The Step Mars Congress Wants NASA To Create Deep Space Living Quarters

Russia Today – Bolivia UFO Sighting – Pictured Remains Of Cambodian Angkor-Wat-Like Temple Found On Mars

Russia Today – Mainstream Media UFO Refuse – Life Earth Begun Mars Transported Here Meteorites – NASA Wants to Grow Potatoes On Mars – Mars Underground Bases NASA Openings Red Planet – UFOs caught Camera NASA Scientists Not Explain Away Aliens Space Shuttle – Life Friendly Chemistry Revealed Inside Enceladus – Why Mars Should Be Independent From Earth

DailyMail – Super Earth Just 14 Light Years Away ‘Wolf 1061C’ Closest Habitable Planet Outside Solar System Found – Star Wars Class War- Is Mars The Escape Hatch For The 1 Percent

DailyMail – Has NASA Built Warp Drive Engineers Claim Tested Impossible Engine Travel Fast Speed Light – Pyramid On Mars

Huffington Post – Two UFOs Leave Earth NASA Cuts Feed

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