Some Interesting Dreams (About Jordan Sather, Extraterrestrials and New Number)

So far I have had two previous dreams about Jordan that were quite interesting. The first one was about how I saw his channel name on bags in a grocery store and I got the emotion that felt like we should be working together.

The next one was a prophetic dream that came true. I saw Jordan talking about disclosure on the MSM. Then a few months later he appeared on Comedy Central.

The third one was most interesting because he was giving a talk to some people and towards the end he mentioned Jesus. I have no idea why I keep having dreams with him but my guess is that his role in the future will involve him and myself working together or something like that at some point. This is just a guess and of course that could be wrong.

I am going to list these dreams in the order that I wrote them down in my iPhone:

December 28th 2018 06:59 AM

Dream 1) Mom and I at theme park. There were some bald large-headed extraterrestrials enjoying the go cart rides at what might have been an amusement park. One of them had like light magenta colored skin and I don’t remember the others. They were very nice people! I saw the words ‘limitless boundaries’ floating in front of me briefly that I knew had to do with their being able to have fun here. One go cart had like two or four of them I think.

Dream 2) Dream where Jordan Sather was giving lecture in big cafeteria area. He mentioned Jesus.

Dream 3) Left school and was given number 441.

So the last dream gave me a number and I will do a separate post about it. This is everything for now, much love all!


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