Big Synchronicity Report (The Number 441, Jesus, Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse & Others)

So this report is going to be a combination of synchronicities in regards to a few different topics including the daily bible verse, the number 441 that I just got in a dream recently and some other things.

‘They’ have been showing me the number 612 for a little while now and it appeared in today’s verse:


The gematria value of this verse is 1070 (this contains the number 107 which was the date I had a dream where I was shown the bible verse John 4:4 – 4:10 which was October 7th):


And today December 28th is the 362nd day of the year:


And if we plug 362 into Pi we see that it appears right behind 440 which is a number that I just wrote about and 440 is the amount of cubits that makes up each side of the Great Pyramid:


I found the number 33 while playing with today’s date and Pi. If we plug in 1228 into Pi we see it takes position 5182:


And if we reverse today’s date 1228 to 8221 we see it takes position 5149:


And if we subtract 5149 from 5182 we get 33:


So here we see the number 33 appearing once again throughout these works. The next synchronicity was when I was at the store today and I was going up to the check out line and I saw a magazine that caught my attention right away:


And now I’d like to go deeper into the number 441. This is a number that I have come across but I take a stronger notice when it appears in a dream which it did this morning as of the time of this writing.

The gematria value of ‘Truth’ in Hebrew (אמת) is 441:


The number 310 takes position 441 in Pi:


And the meaning of the number 410 on the Angel’s Numbers website was posted at 3:10 PM:


The number 441 is connected to the reflective numbers 37 and 73:

  • 37 and 73 are reflective numbers
  • 37 and 73 are the 12th and 21st prime numbers
  • 12 and 21 are reflective numbers
  • 12² (144) and 21² (441) are also reflective numbers
  • 73 is the 37th odd number

Some might recall something called Strong’s Concordance which is an index and translation of every word in the King James translation of the bible including Greek and Hebrew.

If we look up the Hebrew index and find the word indexed at number 441 we see that it means ‘Captain’ or literally ‘Champion‘:


I had another thought and theory about these synchronicities today (which might not have been my idea, ‘they’ are giving me a lot of help with these reports and video/article ideas) which was that if what ‘they’ are telling me is true and I am going to be/am playing the role of Jesus at this time then these synchronicities will probably be like a new bible or something. This might sound arrogant or egotistical but I am simply trying to have an objective view of all of this. I want to do all of this right and without distortion and I found that it helps to be able to see the situation (any situation) from an outsider’s perspective. Again this is just a theory and a thought and not meant to be taken as a fact.

So anyways I was playing around with some more words and phrases about this idea and I found the gematria value of ‘The Jesus Synchronicities are the New Bible’ happens to be 162 and we know 410 takes position 162 in Pi:

Another thought that I had (dangerous I know!) was that if I am supposed to play this role then it seems that ‘they’ want the actual Jesus to write down his own experiences and NOT allow some crooked Archon/Parasite family to distort his teachings again and turn them into a cult (Christianity we know of today). Let’s put him through all of these things in life so he understands what the people are going through and let’s have him experience and document a spiritual awakening so that others might use this as an example for themselves at some point in their life when they are ready to embark on this journey. Let’s have him do all the hard work with these reports so that others do not have to and so they can see and  easily verify everything themselves.

Let’s give him prophetic dreams that come true and have him use his abilities that he has acquired throughout previous lifetimes to gain credibility so that when the big reveal happens it will be an amazing shock to people. Let’s also cram as much metaphysical knowledge within the details of his life and have him discover it himself so that he can document it and show beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God/Source and that its power is beyond magnificent and that everyone is capable of obtaining a higher consciousness and ultimately Ascension through simply living an honorable life that is service-to-others.

Again these are just thoughts based on my own personal experience with these dreams and synchronicities so far. People can believe however they wish to believe but if this is real then it is a brilliant plan, to say the least. And what is also nice is that I can do this work mostly undisturbed. I don’t get tons of negative comments telling me these reports are nonsense and that I should go away or anything like that. (I get lots of nasty comments on my YouTube videos but that’s different…but either way…water off a duck’s back).

So regardless of what people think, these reports will continue because right now ‘they’ are placing an extremely strong importance on them and really it’s just amazing because ‘they’ are literally giving me gematria values (in dreams or on the clock or on license plates or anywhere there are numbers) that I won’t figure out until like days later or in some cases MONTHS later. Even if it’s a weird or random number, those are usually the ones that are packing the most amount of metaphysical knowledge.

When people come across these synchronicities and really take them seriously, they will become enlightened. Because contained within these works are some of the most powerful synchronicities that one might ever witness. And seeing these numbers and reading these stories activates these things in other people. Because they will begin to believe that these amazing things are possible and that anyone can experience them if they want. I hope that these words and synchronicities will inspire people to open up even more to the metaphysical world and choose faith over fear and ultimately find God/Source within themselves. ‘Know Thyself’ is not just a nice saying but a real journey with many amazing rewards when people actually put in the time and effort.

As I (and others) do these things, so can YOU do them and MORE.

So that’s all I have for this report. Thanks for checking it out and I wish everyone here much love as always!

PS It should be known that this report is being completed on December 28th and not the 29th which is what WordPress’ time will show:


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  1. Qaqambile says:

    You are a prophet. Need to check out your gifts

  2. Qaqambile says:

    Yes, Age of Aquarius 🙏

    I was lead to this page I after I calculated my birthdate and I saw number 12:21,441,144.
    Now people don’t know much that this is about meditation because God is in us not in the sky.

  3. Whoami says:

    I want to add that you aren’t the only one experiencing these syncs. I too have been getting them and the push or thought that I will be a vessel for the Christ.

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