New Interview with Cobra from the Resistance by Untwine!

We have a new interview with Cobra from the resistance movement by interviewer Untwine. Cobra sheds light on some current events and answered some questions I had myself.

I will post a couple of relevant questions:

“Untwine: How far can the financial system crash before the strangelet bombs are removed ?

Cobra: We are now in the stages when this crash is accelerated slowly, and the crash will continue accelerating until the final collapse and the reset.

Untwine: And is the financial crash being slowed down or postponed because the strangelet bombs aren’t removed yet, so it could trigger some retaliations from the cabal if it crashes too much ?

Cobra: I would say that the speed of the crash is determined by the best optimal way for humanity to go through the transition as harmoniously as possible, with as little pain as possible, so there are many factors involved and the Light forces are guiding this crash in a way that would allow humanity to go through the process as harmoniously as possible and the strangelet bombs are one part of the equation but that’s not the only part.”

It looks like there is no audio but just a transcript this time.

There is also a video that summarizes the plan and what’s going on. It would be great to spread that around as much as possible. The more people are awake, the smoother of a transition this will be.

Thanks to whomever created that awesome video!

Enjoy and much love! =]

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