My Take on the LGBT Situation on Earth!

I noticed that during the interview with Rob Potter and Cobra there was a person who asked about being an LGBT individual and the answer that was given wasn’t so comforting. I wanted to provide an answer that is the culmination of A LOT of research into this stuff; Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, The Law Of One material, Cobra’s blog, and other sources. I am, of course, an LGBT person as well. I left a comment on the website and I thought it might help someone somewhere else. I decided to include it in a post. Hope you guys like it! Enjoy =]

I’m afraid asking those who haven’t experienced being an LGBT person can not result in an answer that will be comforting, even though the the ones answering may have the best interest of the person at heart.

I mean I wouldn’t ask a man what childbirth is like because he has never experienced it. He can guess but that’s about the extent of it, unless he remembers what it’s like in a past life. But my point still stands.

Here’s how I see the LGBT situation on Earth. Those who have hijacked the incarnation system have about 80% control, per Cobra’s sources, of the reincarnation process. They generally pick where you are going to go. They will put star-seeds and others like us in the worst and most conflicting possible life situations so we don’t complete our mission. They know who we are before we are born here.

They could take a female presence and incarnate her into a male’s body, thus creating conflict for the person and those around them and delaying them awakening to their mission, and vice versa.

The Law Of One material (highly accurate channeled material from the 1980s, some of it required reading for those in the secret space program) has this to say about LGBT individuals:

“I am Ra. If an entity has had roughly 65% of its incarnations in the sexual/biological body complex, the opposite polarity to its present body complex, this entity is vulnerable to the aura infringement of your urban areas and may perhaps become of what you call an homosexual nature.”

So you see, it could also be us choosing to experience being an LGBT individual for the experience and wisdom aspect of it, as we would with any situation or life circumstance we would want to experience.

Ultimately what we all need to remember is that we are the One and the One is experiencing itself through us, as us. We see the Universe, it’s creation, through our eyes, as it cannot do this by being a planet/sol system/galaxy.

Earth is a very, very unique place in this omni-verse, and we can have any amazing experiences here that no other being can have anywhere else.

That is what I wanted to get out, I hope it helps. If we chose to take on an incarnation as an LGBT person, let me tell you, it must be one of the hardest and worst incarnations we have ever done. But one of the most amazing as I have learned to accept and love everyone, unconditionally. This Earth body is only 25 years old. But I have learned so much.

If this incarnation was chosen for me, then poo on the Cabal because I am alive still even after all the psychological mental abuse and I have awakened to my mission and WILL complete it.

We are all gonna need some therapy after all this. =] Much unconditional love to all.

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  1. Armando Diaz, Jr. says:

    You’ve written a vivid and nurturing post, thank you for sharing that 🙂

  2. iamval says:

    great post

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