Batch of Goodies: New Cobra Interview, New Interview with Tony Rodrigues, Asgardia Breakaway Civilzation Update and Some Cool Headlines!

So i’d like to share some new things that have been coming out that I thought might be of interest to some of you. First we have a new Cobra interview from the end of January that was just finalized and published yesterday 2/7/2016. I will post a link to the website that has the audio and transcript. I will post an excerpt of interest or two below:

COBRA …I would say that now we are in the time when it appears to be the darkest before the dawn and that type of time it is very important to keep that inner connection with the light, to focus on the positive vision and hold the light in the situation.

Aaron – What medicines and technologies do the RM, Pleiadians, and off-worlders use instead of vaccines to keep themselves healthy?

COBRA – They simply are healthy because of their state of consciousness. That state of consciousness creates a very powerful energy field that prevents any negativity in the form of bacteria or viruses from entering their physical body

Lynn – What other planets have beings with a sense of humor?

COBRA – I would say every positive race does have a sense of humor because it’s a natural expression of the soul

Lynn – There has been claims that Donald Trump was supported by the Russians and the Chinese Dragons to become the president of the USA. Is this true Cobra?

COBRA – OK. That is a sensitive intel and it is not the highest purpose to answer this question. I would just add about Trump a few things that need to be clarified. First, he is just a human being and what is more important is who are behind him. People who are behind him are both of the light and of the other side and both are trying to gain influence over him and he is to a big degree susceptible to both influences. What we see in his presidency is just a reflection of the battle of the forces that are behind him.

Next we have a four part interview with secret space program survivor and whistle-blower Tony Rodrigues that I highly recommend. The other three parts will be in the collection of videos to watch next after the first one is finished playing. I’d rather not add 4 videos on here as it will take up a lot of room.

The recently announced breakaway-civilization Asgardia is moving ahead at full-speed and is asking for various people to join in different projects and construction of the administration and government. Here are some of their Facebook posts from this last week:

February 1st, 2017:

Hello Asgardians!

Two community driven initiatives have begun on the official Asgardia forums and are open for community input.

Special Committee: Asgardia Mobile Application…/special-committee-asgardia-mobile…/

Special Committee: Technology for Everyone…/special-committee-technology-for-…/

Join the thousands of Asgardians already discussing various topics on the forums and add your voices and ideas to these initiatives.

NOTE: Only suggestions made on the official forum thread will be considered.

EDIT: Second link fixed!

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

February 2nd, 2017:

Hello Asgardians! Rebekah here!

Have you ever wanted to help with cutting edge scientific research, or wanted to be a part of a team that is the first to discover something? Well now you can!

An exciting community driven initiative has launched an official Asgardia team on the BOINC servers which allows you to donate your unused computer processing power to science. Some of the amazing projects that you can help with are: Einstein@home which searches for pulsars and gravitational waves from the LIGO project

SETI@home which searches for signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligence through analysing radio wave data

Rosetta@home analyses protein structures and their passive folding habits to assist with disease research And many more!

To join the team visit this thread on the official Asgardia forums for more information:…/topic/official-asgardia-boinc-tea…/

Have fun!

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator

This is very exciting to watch. A brand new civilization in space that is Earth-based and open to the public! It should be interesting to see how it develops and what it becomes in the near future.

And now for some awesome headlines! – Aliens on the Moon? Breakthrough as Scientists Discover Oxygen on Earth’s Satellite

Zerohedge – Hedge Fund Of Hillary Clinton’s Son-In-Law Has Shut Down

DailyMail – The Clintons Ditch Two of the Most Controversial Parts of Their Charity Foundation as They Quit Haiti and Admit Donations Plunged Amid Controversy Over Hillary

Panasonic – New Tech 2016: Panasonic Has Created an Invisible Television

Berkeley University – Scientists Unveil New Form of Matter: Time Crystals

Sputnik News – Nowhere to Hide: How CIA Used Clairvoyance to Spy on Martians

DailyMail – Mining on the Moon Moves a Step Closer: Peter Thiel Backed Firm That Could Make TRILLIONS From Lunar Materials Will Launch in November or December

DailyMail – Expedition to Uncover ‘Lost’ Meteorites of Antarctica: UK-led Team Will Search for Clues About Planetary Creation

CNN – Seattle Breaking Ties with Wells Fargo Over DAPL Pipeline

I’m sure there are some other ones that I missed but those were the ones that really stood out to me this last couple of weeks. And now to finish this article off how about a nice relaxing voice-guided meditation video with some…realistic relaxation techniques. Enjoy and much love everyone!

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