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So I am being guided to report some of the changes that I have personally been undergoing lately as the energies that continue to pummel this planet and solar system continue and accelerate.

I have been having some wild dreams where I am involved in some interesting missions and operations. I would direct those who are interested in that to my dream journal which I have been actively updating. Here is an excerpt:

  • I dreamt that we were finally in a post-disclosure world. Everything was computerized but in a good benevolent way. I think we were still transitioning from the old world though. I remember knowing of reptilians who lived listening to Chopin. They were just like regular people like you and me. I walked by this indoor parking lot and every space had its own computer.


  • In this dream I remember being a soldier on this planet fighting E.T.s. I recall exploring caves and dwellings. I don’t know for sure what planet we were on but it was a desert. I was on a team with various people carrying out the same mission. I remember us fighting against some E.T.s and I think we won. The battle seemed intense. I don’t remember a whole lot other than that.


  • I had a dream about working at the CIA and having to visit another agent on the Astral Plane for certain important meetings. We were working on completing a mission this way and we were successful. I don’t remember how we did it. My co-worker was in a wheelchair and I recall taking an elevator to see him. I think the elevator had to do with traveling back and forth between Densities. I’m not totally sure. My assignment was to gather intel and information about someone, a man. I don’t remember much else.”

As of the time of this writing I am on day 9 of a juice fast. One thing that was interesting was for about 3 weeks before I started this fast I had an urge to eat lots of raw carrots. Sounds weird right? Well it is. Because I am weird. Anyways I had read after the fact that it is a good idea to eat only raw foods before starting a juice fast.

So I thought oh…someone or something (higher self?) helped me prepare for this juice fast I would be embarking on. Not only that but I have felt mostly amazing throughout the entire process so far. Apart from some adjusting in the first few days everything has been very smooth. It almost feels like a permanent change, which I am hesitant to call it because I don’t know how the future will play out.

I have been experiencing more ringing in the ears, as I described in Ascension Symptoms. I was getting this weird pain in the right side of my head that got pretty bad on several occasions. Not sure if that’s an attack or not. I’m still twitching like I’m being electrocuted everywhere. Sleep has been better but sometimes I don’t get much. Colors are more vibrant and everything has so much deep beauty. I have still been experiencing heart palpitations which I have read is normal and my EKG was fine last time I read it.

Update: The Universe has also been taking steps to get me to trust it more. Which I think everyone could probably benefit from. A perfect example of this ‘Universal Trust Fall’ happened just recently when I was helping my mom buy a new car. She got her new one and wanted to sell her old one here in Phoenix and the night before I was going to help her sell it I seriously considered asking her if she would let me buy it from her.

But then I did all these calculations and figured I wouldn’t be able to afford it and I remember the trauma from having to repair my Daewoo over and over and didn’t want to do that to another vehicle. Although this car was in great shape and would last a long time. The next day after I had sold it to a gentleman I told my mom I considered asking her to buy it. She said “I would have given it to you.” I thought…damn. I should have just trusted the Universe and asked for it. There are many examples of this but this situation was the most ‘in-my-face’.

So another lesson we are learning is to completely trust the Cosmos that our needs will be met at the right time and that we need to stop resisting the flow of abundance that we all have access to. The Universe is saying “just trust me, damnit!”

I have also felt a slowing down of the urge to write articles and do intense research and reading. Like it’s not necessary to push so hard to get a handle on everything going on. We are hearing about mass arrests that might be taking off soon from various insider sources like Ben, Kent Dunn and others. 

Plus there are SO many stories about pedophile busts being done all over the world. All you have to do is do a quick Google search to find them. Not only that but the Antarctica partial disclosure thing has been ramping up even more lately as it appears the Cabal may be ready to play that last card, much to their imminent dismay and inevitable failure.

They don’t realize the gravity of the situation though as #PizzaGate is not part of their partial disclosure narrative and people like myself and others have been spreading information everywhere and in every way possible.. I won’t go into details but I have been disseminating this horrific information to the public directly and not on the web.

To get back to the more personal changes I have noticed others around me losing weight and making healthier choices in their life. This has been very inspiring and I have seen it a handful of times so far. They’re really ridin’ the wave!

The real world I see in person and the world on the internet are vastly different. I am seeing ugliness that has grown to extreme levels lately on Facebook and other social media websites. No doubt some Cabal divide and conquer tactics in these last days of duality. The world I see in person is beautiful and people are more awake now than ever before.

The other day I went to get some lottery tickets from the lotto machine at the grocery store to pay back a friend from a couple weeks before and there was a gentleman working on the machine. We eventually talked for a minute or so and I brought up genetic engineering and he nodded his head and said yes exactly in agreement with what we were talking about. I was pleasantly surprised!

One thing that I have been getting clarity on is that this whole process of Ascension and clearing isn’t totally a Macro sequence of events but a Micro set also, meaning each of us personally. I used to be very fixed on when The Event would happen and when this would happen and when that would occur until I realized that I am shifting too. My diet is changing and I am finding myself more focused on current events or the latest intel about when this whole thing will happen.

I’ve learned that this whole process is also very individualized and each of us is an infinitely important morphing thread in this vast intertwined tapestry we call our blossoming new world and group consciousness. Every moment is the birth of a new reality that you and I are creating, we are creators!

Not all of it is so eloquent and beautiful though. At work the other day I suddenly became annoyed, irritated, test-y and realized that there was more emotional clearing to do. Oh boy! So after I got home I tried to rip a Phoenix Symphony pamphlet in half. I didn’t succeed but I felt so much better afterwards! On to the next shift!

I recall watching one of the late Dolores Cannon’s many lectures online and she was talking about the changes in the vibration of the planet and the people. She talked about people who told her that they were only craving smoothies and didn’t have any desire to intake solid food anymore. Dolores and her daughter Julia also commented about people who were wondering when this big shift was going to happen. They said it is happening now and we are in it, but it has been gradual so far.

They advised that we should look at our own lives. Look 5-10 years back and compare who you were back then to who you are now. That is where you’ll see the shift.


An interesting synchronicity. Just as I finished typing out this last sentence I noticed I used 1111 words!

Now i’d like to show you my shift. Get ready because it’s gonna be a doozey. I was very much into every fad and way of dressing up some years ago or so. Luckily I take and keep many many pictures I have taken since I was 15:


Here is me on April 16th, 2011 at 21 years old.

The above picture is of me when I had just turned 21, almost 6 years ago. Oh my! I look like I belong in a rap video. I didn’t care about politics, didn’t eat right, didn’t drink water, experimented with lots of different substances (had many positive experiences though), very co-dependent and about as immersed in the Matrix as you could get.  Now let’s take a look at me now:


Here is me on November 19th, 2016 at 26 years old.

Look at that! A meditating vegan hippie with Earthing flip flops that recycles everything?? You wanna talk about a shift…well look no further. I now live on my own, eat vegan (well a liquid diet as of now), gobble up any information about current events and politics I can find, started a blog, YouTube channel, MeetUp group, Orgonite side-business and tell others about Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness! What a change!

So we are all the shift. It’s all synchronized. We shift, the planet shifts. We change our thoughts, the Universe changes somehow.. someway.. somewhere. The shift is contagious. People will generally follow what someone else is doing regardless of what it is, and when those things are positive that creates a ripple effect that cause other people to want to do the same.

So it seems the Universe has made a humble example out of me to help others realize that they can change and realize their true potential and tap into the infinite creative power of the Cosmos that rests dormant in each one of us.

Thank you all for reading, much love and happy Ascension (unless you need to tear some s*** up like me) <333

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