New Humor/Satire Video on How to Deal with Inflammatory Posts

I have just finished a video on how to deal with inflammatory posts on Facebook and elsewhere. In this video I share some of my patented techniques that may help get you out of the latest comment war that has just exploded on the topic of immigration, foreign policy or even just about Michelle Obama’s penis if that’s how you wish to spend your time.

I hope you all enjoy this and are able to get a good laugh out of it, if not, you’re probably taking this illusion too seriously and should follow the advice in the video.

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3 Responses to New Humor/Satire Video on How to Deal with Inflammatory Posts

  1. Yes, Jonathan, it’s why you’re able to play that role so well, I assume.

    I could be mistaken, but in your hands there seems to be still energy present of that behaviour and it might help to work on releasing that programming energy from them, by clearing the energy channels through them. Printing your nervous system with the date of today on it.

    I’m almost sure you know how to do that. You can begin by paying attention to how you hold your shoulders, arms and hands, while typing on your pc. And release tension as soon as it’s present.

    It’s a wellknown experience in many, that much tension in those body parts allow for frozen energy while immersed in the virtual world.

    It’s helpful to release that energy, so that the program isn’t ruling you but you’re the one ruling that program.

    See what I mean? I’ve had enormous tension in my arms and hands, when I was feverishly working online, discussing and publishing my views, years ago.

    I’ve worked on it to release it. As I felt it, there’s was an addictive aspect to it and an urge to return to the screen, for I was in much emotional turmoil and desperate to find support.

    I had to begin using support in real life and wean off engaging in the virtual world where many opinions are just fleeting clouds, hardly remembered.

    I had to give myself a training in being realistic and choose priorities that are in balance with my wellbeing. I’m sure you’re working on it 😉

  2. truthearth says:

    Thanks Marian! I know these people because I used to be one…I just HAD to tell people about my perspective and god help them when they disagreed with me…That’s a good technique! I hope you will share it with others!

  3. Ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha, great, spot on, very funny Jonathan, thank you!
    Those slow motion scenes. I have to.. I have to… otherwise.. I dieeeeeeee!!! Ha!
    At times, when I sort of feel… inadequate, I use to say to myself “Now, let’s go and
    save the planet on my own” to cheer me up. lol

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