Disclosure from FOX news and MSM website The Guardian!

Oh boy Benjamin Fulford had said in a previous post to ‘watch as everything unfolds’. Well things are certainly unfolding. This just in from FOX news; ‘Apollo 14 astronaut claims peace-loving aliens prevented ‘nuclear war’ on Earth’.
Here is the article.

I just found this one about an hour ago and it’s from The Guardian. It is titled ‘Interview with a real-life vampire: why drinking blood isn’t like in Hollywood’.
Here is the article.

We have heard from David Wilcock’s whistleblowers that the individuals running the planet behind-the-scenes are called The Parents and they were given a certain immortal technology injection that caused them to basically become slightly borg-ish. They could be this way but they needed to consume humans as sustenance. The catch with that is that the people needed to give their consent. Well how did they manage to get that? They would lie to them and say ‘hey would you like to help the human race out and blah blah blah’. And then they would proceed with their ‘meal’.

So this article could very well be a preparation for when the existence of The Parents is revealed on a world wide scale. Anyways I just wanted to share those couple of headlines. Thanks for reading! Much love =]

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