Synchronicity/Awakening Others Report

Today was a huge leap forward for my co-workers and their awakening which I have been meticulously working at unbeknownst to them for the past year or so. For many many months now I have been intentionally feeding them information about how the world really works slowly over the course of the time period I mentioned and a breakthrough occurred today.

I have a very unique job where I sit in a small room with ย 4 or 5 people for 12 hours. A lot of the conversation is about life in the Matrix; Kim Kardashian, Teen Mom and so on and so forth. But today for literally 12 hours we discussed everything you will find when you dig into this information and tumble down the rabbit hole. We spoke openly about the Illuminati, the Cabal, pedogate, most elements of The Event and much more. Everything was up for discussion.

I was filled with excitement at the prospect of being a guide for these other selves to accelerate their awakening process and prepare them for the much worse disclosures that will be coming out in the near future. They taught me some things I didn’t know which was very humbling.

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Something changed in our reality today because I’ve never been able to share the worst part of this information to my co-workers before without overloading them which I was able to do today.

For those of you who are in my Meetup group I wanted to share one of the reasons why I think I have been struggling to schedule a meeting lately and I believe it’s because when I am at work I am consciously feeding this information to my co-workers in a very concise and calculated way. I’m constantly gauging their baseline level of knowledge and ability to accept new information and I realized today how much energy I have been putting into that. I am essentially holding a meeting every time I go to work.

And most of you are awakened already and you want to know this stuff so you don’t require as much attention as the un-awakened portion of the population does. Two thumbs up for all you Star Seeds! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am attempting to be as responsible and benevolent as possible when I decide to feed them a new piece of information, always monitoring their emotional and mental states and responses verbally and physically as I deliver news, intel and knowledge to them. I’ve found humor is another great way to incorporate this information into their consciousness.

David Wilcock’s 10% rule works great. Giving the person 10% of what you know and then stopping at that, and waiting for them to come back for more. Sometimes you can do more than 10%, as I found out today, just be careful not to overload the person. The urge to share information is very exciting, but it can quickly turn into cognitive dissonance if shared in abundant amounts too soon, as I learned the hard way. I was walking home with a co-worker once and gave him a massive download. He obviously was very uncomfortable by the time I was finished and I realized I had given him too much.

I just wanted to share this update as I felt it was significant and a way of proving that we are creating our realities and I am doing so with mine in my current circumstances. I know exactly what I want to create and share with people and that’s what I try to do every day. To walk the walk and talk the talk!

I will close this update up with a synchronicity on a receipt I got from the store the other day which had my transaction number being 2311, which in military time is 11:11. Interestingly the identification my computer gave this photo when I downloaded it was photo (11). The size of the photo is 2.22 mb and one of the dimension measurements has 936 in it:


photo (11).JPG

Thank you for check this update out and I sent you much love and light <3

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    It’s happening ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Rock on!

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