Synchronicity/Ascension/Dream Report

I have a moderate update this time around. I woke up at 4:10 this morning, 4/10 is my birthday, after experiencing an incredible and emotional possible future-telling dream.

The summary of it goes as follows:

I was in a beautiful house for what appeared to be a party and the President had just died or something to where the Vice President assumed power. The VP was an incredibly evil man. At one point he took out a gun while he was in the living room and threatened to kill people there. I found myself in the kitchen with a large group of frightened men.

I quietly walked past them and said ‘let’s rush him, let’s rush him’. All of us did and the VP took a shot at me and missed and he was subdued quickly by the others. But not before a friend of mine was shot earlier.

Skipping ahead I found myself in a mall and there were people following me around. I was confused and then I realized they were doing that because of my actions to take down the evil VP with his gun. I had gained some fame through this action and it felt uncomfortable. I understood it though because the world was free from control by a tyrant and I was responsible for that.

  • Symptoms

I have been feeling quite, off, these last few days. Like I can’t think so clearly and I am also experiencing waves of exhaustion and euphoria, sometimes all in one hour! My hand joints have been achy, but this usually goes away after a short time. I am still twitchy. Like electrical currents are being passed through my body. It is totally involuntary.

  • Ascension

I would like to share my experiences with my healing. I am finding that I am my own therapist and doctor. I say out loud that I want to experience healing and a resolution to all of my trauma, both in this life and all other lives. I am going back and processing emotions I never dealt with.

I am literally thinking about situations where I was scared or afraid of being beat up for being gay. I am remembering all of the things I did to people and asking them for forgiveness. This has had incredible results in the world around me. People become nicer as I heal myself. Everything around me is changing as I change myself. 

This is mirrored in repairs being done on my car. I experienced a breakthrough in healing some of the issues I’ve been dealing with from my past and I felt like I had actually really healed. The next day I found a solution to a problem I was having on the car. I needed to replace a part altogether instead of patching it up with material.

As I repeat over and over ‘I am manifesting healing my life’ or ‘I am asking my guides and higher self to help me manifest healing of my current and past trauma in this life and the next’ I will sometimes feel a wave of emotion and I’ve learned to just experience the feelings and let them out, even if it is anger or rage or something we perceive as negative. These emotions aren’t wrong or right. They just areRight afterwards I feel so much better.

I have now figured out the overheating problem my car was having this entire time. The alternator was bad, causing the battery to drain and the cooling fan not having enough power to turn on and thus causing my overheating problem. I also replaced a cooling hose that I was patching up for weeks with no success. It just kept on leaking. The solution was so simple and it took only 15 minutes to replace.

As time goes on I realize that this ancient and sacred knowledge is true, that everyone and everything is a mirror of yourself, trying to tell you something. And when you decipher what it being said to you, usually the message it quite literal, you can make changes to your life and then everything around you changes as a result. It all starts from within and I completely and 100% get this now. Waiting for something to come and change your life for you is very unlikely to happen.

And we each have the power to help ourselves through anything. We can manifest anything and we can heal anything if we want to. A big emphasis on the IF.

  • Synchronicity

And now here are a few of the synchronistic things I’ve experienced lately:


A nice variation of 3,6,9 which I experience regularly. And this morning I am working on creating a CD for my car and after I put all the songs on that I wanted I saw that I had 1:44 leftover. There are no songs that I want that are that short so I just kept it as is and it will be a reminder that there are those around me giving me information:


This is all I have for now. Thank you for reading and much love!

P.S. some of you may be interested in this new Katy Perry song which ‘mirrors’ our reality back to us. Whoever wrote this must have felt pretty fed up with humanity’s lack of action as the lyrics have some strong tough love written into them:

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