Negative Greetings-Palooza!

I have recently been dealt several negative greetings which I would like to share with everyone. The more and more I write and share this information with everyday people, my co-workers and family the more intense the negative situations I find myself in. David and Corey have shared their wild experiences with this and I know many of you have also been attacked.

In the last month or so I have experienced the following:

  • Intense depression and near exit from the physical plane.
  • 2 dogs having to be put down, one of them dying very violently.
  • Several wasps have found their way into my apartment, one of them was hanging out on my bedroom door yesterday when I got home from work.
  • Getting yelled at by a nurse yesterday about something which had nothing to do with me (I don’t usually experience confrontations like this at work, sometimes it happens but usually it doesn’t. This lady was very upset and took out her frustration on me.)
  • I was served court papers yesterday for old credit card debt which I am going to fight using the information I got from SITS.
  • My apartment underwent a random ‘inspection’ by the office (everyone had to have it done, not just me.) Most likely looking for lease violations. Nothing came of this luckily.
  • I can feel scalar attacks (or they could be Ascension Symptoms) that make me nauseous or experience confusion and disorientation.
  • I have ‘forgotten’ to put my alarm clock a couple of times causing me to be late to work and jeopardizing my only source of income. (This never happened in the years I’ve been at the hospital until recently.)
  • I experienced a flurry of phone calls, alarms and people asking me to do things for them at work yesterday while I was trying to type up the dream I had about Corey in the underground facility yesterday. When I finally finished and published the article everything calmed down. There was a lot of resistance when I was writing that piece.

So yes all of these things happened in the last month or so. It has been very intense and I sincerely hope this war will end soon. I will not give up and I encourage everyone to persevere and continue on because we are winning and will be successful!!


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  1. truthearth says:

    We all gotta hang in there! <3

  2. Hang in there 💓🕴🏼

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