New Video on The Final Countdown of the Liberation of Earth

I have never been so motivated to make so many videos before since my awakening. I sincerely pondered if this motivation is even my own Lol! These last few videos I’ve made recently have simply popped into my head with footage and music that I already knew about.

I think someone or ‘something’ is guiding this process because ‘something’ is nudging me to stay up late on work days and continue to churn these videos out. I don’t usually stay up late for anything. I hope they are enjoyable as I do put a lot of effort and love into them. Thank you for checking them out and much love to each of you!

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3 Responses to New Video on The Final Countdown of the Liberation of Earth

  1. truthearth says:

    Thank you Janine! I found the other footage online, someone very talented in the world created it and posted it on YouTube! Love and light

  2. Janine Busald says:

    I LOVE your video!!! It is beautifully done. What movie(s) do the space/sci-fi scenes come from? I recognize Hunger Games and The Matrix but I don’t recognize the others because I don’t watch many popular movies. Thank for something so inspiring.

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