Synchronicity Report/Awakening Others Report

Today I experienced an amazing synchronicity with one of my semi-awakening co-workers. One of his patients had 11 beats of v-tach at 1:11pm while he was out of the room. When I remembered to notified him several minutes later that it happened at 1:11 he said he was watching something titled 2:22 (we have downtime so we can surf the web on our iPads and phones). When I went to look down at the clock I noticed it was 1:22 pm. I tripped out on that for a few minutes…

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One of my other very un-awakened but ‘getting there’ co-workers was asking me about the meditation I do every Sunday. I explained to them today the effects meditation has on the world and she went on to tell me about this Yoga meditation that she started doing that has benefited her greatly so far. She also brings a juice in everyday, inspired by my 58 day juice fast. One of my other co-workers also started making a habit of doing that.

The phrase ‘be the change’ could not be more true in this situation. Instead of me waiting for change to happen through someone or something else, I am doing the work on myself and learning about all of these topics and teaching them to everyday people. It is rather exhausting sometimes but then again I didn’t come to this planet to play CandyCrush all day…

They are making changes in their life because I decided to make changes to myself. Becoming a focal point or node has been something that has happened as a result of seeking the truth and learning to become more service to others and forgiving of myself and others. Just like the Blue Avian message Corey has been communicating for so long now. I want everyone to see that I am living and practicing this right now and it is working. The payoff is unimaginably amazing.

I’ve seen David Icke and many others talk about the importance of self-improvement and the effect it has on the world:

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This is all I have for now. I am wishing each of you a wonderful day and rest of the week and with much love!

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