Recent Dreams About Disclosure and Possibly Becoming Famous?

I have recently had a few dreams which seemed to be very significant and telling of possible future events. As some of you may know I have had future information given to me in dreams before (See Dream Journal).

This time I would like to send these out and see what happens. One of them from this morning 7/4 and went as follows:

“Had a dream that Jimmy Church was on the MSM narrating this disclosure piece. They talked about ETs and other space faring endeavors that they were embarking on.

There was a lot of footage of space. There was a planet with a blue butterfly logo on it. They were seriously getting everyone ready for a big disclosure. It was amazing I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.”


And here is the second one which is longer but with more interesting detail:

“I was part of a group of people who were just discovering that our government in massive numbers was traversing the solar system, experimenting with the most incredible technology possible and witnessing stellar events and natural phenomenon that puts Star Trek to shame.

A woman announced to us that our solar system in a very busy place. They showed us footage of incredible multi-colored geometric patterns on the surface of one of the large planets, Jupiter I think.

I became enraged I couldn’t help but get mad at the fact that this has been going on under our nose this whole time. I noticed that one of my articles was published by the MSM. It was the ‘Secret Space Program You Are Breaking Your Back to Pay For’. I had a dream recently that basically showed me that I would be well-known and famous for the work I have been doing here. Is this another possible confirmation? We will see.

They went on to say that they used deception for money in their budget and other ways of hiding what they were doing. Our solar system is an incredible place and if even a little bit of what I saw was real then we are in for an epic revealing.

Interestingly, the images I saw were in a Hollywood movie type of format. I was very in a drama/comedy film which was showing us how everything worked and how it has been going on for a long time. There were jokes and punchlines and everything a movie would need to be view-able. This dream makes me excited for the neat future.”


And here is the one where it is possible that I become well-known, something that is uncomfortable to me. I like my privacy! But someone has to do this work. Interestingly when I woke up to write this dream down the clock read 4:10, which is my birthday. I get shot at in this dream so I hope that doesn’t actually happen…

“Had a very long up and down dream emotionally. I recall being at a house, a nice house, and the President had just died somehow. The Vice President had assumed power and he was an evil evil man. He was in the living room when he pulled out a gun, a musket looking gun and threatened to kill people. It was night time and it appeared to be a party of some kind we were at.

He shoots his first victim. My friend *****. At first I didn’t realize what happened. Either from shock or terror I didn’t catch on until moments after she’s on the ground. A bunch of us men were in the kitchen. I said to them quietly while running towards the living room ‘let’s rush him, let’s rush him’. So we did and he tried to shoot me but he missed and we took him down.

We were scared for our lives because we know this man had connections to very bad people and we thought the bad people would come for us. But they didn’t. I tended to ***** who was almost dead. She was bleeding profusely. She was still alive though and shied away from me when I tried to help her. I felt bad, but I did what I could. It didn’t feel like enough.

I then found myself walking through a mall-type setting and I realized there were a bunch of people looking at me. I was surprised and confused. They found out about my idea to rush the VP and take him down. I remember thinking about the huge shift in power that occurred that day, in those moments.

These people thought I was a hero and now it appeared I was famous. I began walking around and the first thing I saw was a kiosk that was selling food. I grabbed some nutter butters and several people offered to pay for it. I refused and gave the cashier my badge to scan to pay, which is how we do it at the hospital.

I was uncomfortable with all of this attention but I understood why it was happening. The world was a free place because of those few moments at the house. This is all I remember. I woke up at 4:10 to document this dream, which is my birthday, April 10th.”


I am not posting this to get attention or fluff up my Ego (there is no ‘I’ in this Universe) but I am feeling guided to share it for some reason I am not aware of at the moment. Normally the reason manifests itself in some shape or form later on, which has happened to me countless times. Thank you for checking this out and much love.

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