Prophetic Dreams Coming True/Synchronicity Report

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about one of my co-workers. I witnessed her in great distress. She suffered an injury to her right eye and was bleeding a lot. A few days later when I saw her in person I told her about it. We both laughed it off and went about our day.

She came into work today and said “so you remember that dream you had about my eye? Well I am having vision problems right now.” She told me that she was seeing a kaleidoscope type of vision where she couldn’t see out of her eye. She didn’t say which one. But she had been under a lot of stress and from what I’ve learned, health problems originating on the right side of the body pertain to the here and now and moving forward, while the left side indicates issues with the past.

I remember experiencing something similar with my eyesight, except it went away after a short while, which I explained to her could happen with her. We were both blown away that this seemingly random dream would indicate future issues. At least a couple weeks into the future.

Many of my dreams have come true or have contained information and intel regarding current events or people. Sometimes I see big events and sometimes they are small like what I am doing the next day. Sometimes I get information days in advance that comes true. I can’t really control it.

I had a dream where I knew the sex of my brother’s newly pregnant wife. When I told them what it was I guessed right and they found out about 3-4 weeks later that it was the sex I was told.

I recall having several dreams about fixing my car where the repairs I had done were not successful and that I would have to address them again. Then I remember a breakthrough in the dreams where I saw that I was going to be successful in the next attempt I made and it turned out to come true. My car has no engine issues at the moment.

If anyone is interested in other dreams like this that I have had I would recommend checking out my dream journal. I don’t document every single dream. That would take too long as I have several every night. I only use the most important and compelling ones.

Now onto the synchronicities! I have been seeing 108 (a sacred geometric number) and variations of this number a lot lately. I held a Prepare for Change meeting this last Sunday and when I went out to my car to go back home I noticed the mileage was at 01308. 1308 is military time for 1:08:

photo 1 (4).JPG

Then on my way back home the other day I saw a billboard with the temperature being 108 on it:

photo 2 (2).JPG

I saw this license plate the other day:

photo 3 (2).JPG

And again on my receipt:

photo 5.JPG

Then today I was listening to some music and saw lots of synchronistic numbers that included the amount of likes and other things I highlighted. The name of the song was ‘Ti Sento’ which is Italian for ‘I feel you’, which told me that ‘someone’ was close to me and possibly watching out for me.

333 (1).png

I got another 722 when I went to the store the other day. It rang up as 19.22, which in military time is 7:22:

photo 4.JPG

When I went to go change the oil in my car I bought an oil filter that had a part identification number of 333 in it:

photo 2 (3).JPG

These are just a few of many that happen! Thank you for checking this out and I am wishing all of you light and love.

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