What Will be Written in History Books About This Time?

I was just pondering what history books will say about the time we are living in now. I don’t know how long it takes to make a history book for schools these days; do 10, 20 or 30 years need to pass in order to make a new one? Either way I was just thinking about the unification of these massive groups of people in the Truth/UFO community and how amazing it is to really FEEL the unity and the potential power of our minds coming together for a single cause.

I imagine all of our meditations so far will be included, especially this one coming up. Like either Corey or Cobra said in their most recent interview, no one has ever tried to unify this community before. I personally saw it as being as difficult as hearding cats, but just look at what’s happening! I’ve experienced infighting within my circle which has been very disheartening. But the tides are turning and I can feel the momentum build for the upcoming meditation.

Anyways I imagine August 21st will be a very important date for humanity as the ‘rudder’ of the ship (our community) will be doing the heavy lifting for the rest of the crew and the ship who seems to be suffering from a bad case of scurvy.

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Not that it’s that important but I imagine all of you reading this will have some kind of statue made in your honor for the work that you have completed here. And all of the vacation time you could ever want!

I imagine there will be some kind of memorial for those who gave their lives for the liberation of this planet. That much is at least owed to them. I hope they make a lot of room on that memorial…

I am also imagining stories being told to each other and successive generations about how evil evil could be and how we somehow made it through until the end.

A t-shirt that says ‘I survived WWIII’ or ‘I survived the most evil planet in the Universe’ will be in order..

I am so effing ready for the final chapter of this grand experiment to be OVER.

Light and love…

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